Sunday, October 31, 2010

Rosebud Restaurant & Bar, Rozelle

Today I meet up for brunch at Rosebud Restaurant & Bar in Rozelle with my lovely friend, SusieQ and her two kiddlewinks…let’s call them Lady Gaga (aged 5…ish) and Prince William (about 2…ish).

As we walk into the restaurant we are greeted by a lovely waitress who advises us that “things” have recently changed at Rosebud.  The menu can now be found on a HUGE chalkboard that covers an entire wall of the café.  When we’re ready to order we can go up to the register and “Rebecca” will take our order.

This sounds simple enough.  However the chalkboard is SO far from our table, and obscured by a wall, that we have to go over to the board to check out what’s on offer.

This isn’t a problem for me as I have no kids to look after.  SusieQ (and nearly every second diner) is travelling with kids so this set up is a bit of pain.

As I look around the café, I realise what a logistical nightmare this type of ordering system is for parents (and there are many many people here with their small children).  This place is bedlam with parents running between the table and menu board advising their kids/spouse/friend of what’s on offer and asking what they want to order. Urgh.

Having a menu that we could have perused at our table would have made things so much easier!  When I go to the counter to place our orders I notice that there are stack of printed menus, but no one has one on their table. WTF?

SusieQ takes Lady Gaga up to the Great Wall of Menu to decide what they’ll be having. I’m left alone with Prince William.  I ask him what he’d like to talk about and he looks at me like I’m from outer space and promptly wanders off to befriend a small child who’s been left at nearby table with his father.  I am obviously mother material…not.

The Great Wall of Menu
SusieQ decides on the Spicy Lamb Burger ($17.50) after spying it on someone else’s table and thinking it looks tasty. 

Lady Gaga and Prince William will share a serve of pancakes with honey ($11.00).

It’s my turn to stalk the menu board.  The cooked breakfast seems to be a “build your own” situation with each item adding to the cost.  I quickly work out this could end up very expensive and I’m on a budget.  I settle on a $9 bowl of Homemade Granola (translation for us Aussie folks, Muesli).  

SusieQ and I both order a large skinny cappuccino ($4.50) to help calm our nerves after the ordering saga.

The coffee arrives before I’ve even made it back to the table – now that is fast service.  The coffee comes in an enorumous cup and is just what the doctor ordered!

Much need caffeine injection
My Homemade Granola arrives hot on the heels of the coffee, but we wait for about 15 minutes for the rest of our order.  

Homemade Granola aka Muesli
The Granola is toasted and topped with a generous dollop of yoghurt, stewed berries, fresh strawberries and chopped dates. It is exactly what I feel like after having eaten SOOOO must food over the last few weeks.

When the rest of our order finally arrives I know better than to try and take a snap of the kiddlewinks pancakes.  I’m a bit surprised that for $11 there are only two small pancakes on the plate.  The kids seem happy enough though, but I know it wouldn’t be enough to satisfy me.

The Lamb Burger looks delicious and SusieQ tells me it’s very tasty.  The burger is piled high with a spicy lamb pattie, caramelised onion, a fat wedge of feta, tomato, rocket and a side serve of salad greens.

Little hands coming in for some food
I have food envy.

After brunch we head over to the Rozelle Markets for a quick peak.  The sunny weather means that the markets are PACKED with stalls and shoppers.  Has summer finally arrived?

To market we go
Rosebud Restaurant & Bar is at 654 Darling Street, Rozelle.

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  1. I think your pics are getting better and better-they just make me hungry! I suggest Bloodwood and Bourke st bakery as two essential inner-westie stops for your blog. All the cool kids are doing them...

  2. Hi Niecy-Poo! Can the cool kids Aunty go to Bloodwood and Bourke Street Bakery? Perhaps that makes me cool by association.

  3. The muesli looks good.. we went away for the long weekend and all i could get was egg and bacon... craving some good food for bfast!

  4. Noodlies - I've gone right off eggs at the moment...thank god Rosebud had other offerings for me!

  5. hehe love that shot of the kids hands sneaking into the pic reaching for the plate of food!

  6. Hey! just came across your lovely blog on this very unproductive morning at work ha-ha, really enjoyed this post :)
    I have driven past so many times when food hunting in Balmain and it looks delish, thank you for the preview! Kudos for surviving a morning with the kiddies, the big cup of coffee is always well deserved!

  7. Gianna - I'm having one of those mornings at work too (must be a Monday)! I need a bowl sized coffee from Rosebud to get me going.

  8. You know what you said about the counter is a good point! And there are lots of families in that area too :) I must admit I prefer table service for ease and I am always tempted to order more then too :)

  9. The Peanut GalleryNovember 1, 2010 at 1:01 PM

    That Burger looks fabulous..might have to take the kids there for brunch!

  10. Peanut - you'll need a support person if you're taking the kids for brunch (or be able to tie them to their chairs when you go up to order).

    Lorraine - agree! It's a huge area for young families. Everyone looked a bit stressed out.

  11. I don't like it when things are written on a huge board, for one I have poor eyesight and another thing is it's not nice if you are sitting next to the board and you have all these people constantly around you. That's my rant for the day!

  12. Hi Susan - yes the board menu annoys me eyes aren't great either, and they did have menus they could've handed out. Oh well.

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