Monday, November 01, 2010

Fishy Bites, Bronte (and Sculptures by the Sea)

Last Friday after work the boy and I headed over to the Eastern Suburbs to check out Sculptures by the Sea.

Going after work is a stoke of genius as there are virtually no crowds and we unbelievably find a parking spot! Right at Tamarama Beach! Within seconds of arriving!  In fact we had our pick of at least five choice spots!
Three fat bellies with a view
Last year I nearly ended up in tears after we trawled for a parking spot for nearly an hour on a busy Saturday (though we did see Whales playing off Bronte Beach last year, so that was pretty special).

So THAT'S where babies come from!
As both the boy and I count our gentle stroll around the sculptures as vigorous exercise we agreed that we can indulge in fish and chips for dinner as our reward. 

We head over to Bronte Beach (in the car of course – don’t want too much exercise in one day), find another miraculous parking spot and toddle over to Fishy Bites for Fish and Chips.

There’s only a small queue waiting to place their order (another benefit of our Friday night sojourn to the Eastern Suburbs), so we patiently take our place at the back of the line and peruse the menu board.

As I had a HUGE lunch only a few hours ago I decide that I’m going to avoid the battered fish and choose on the Grilled Barramundi ($9.50). The boy is in full copy cat mode and makes the same choice. 

We agree that chips are a must and settle on a ‘regular’ serve of chips ($4.80)…which is actually their smallest serving.  Shouldn’t it be called small?  I’m confused.

This place has it all
As we’re given a buzzer we decide to go for a wander to see what other offerings are up for grabs on Bronte Road. There’s quite a few inviting looking cafes and people enjoying their meals outside are all being provided with blankets as it’s getting a bit chilly.  A nice touch I think.

We wander back to Fishy Bites and wait for our buzzer to go off…and wait…and wait.  The service here is always pretty slow as they cook the fish and chips to order and normally have huge crowds.  I thought things would be a bit faster as tonight is pretty quiet.  

The boy and I then realise our buzzer isn’t working…none of the buzzers are! Arrrghhh!  Have we missed our order as we walked off for awhile?  Are we going to starve tonight? Why do we have a buzzer if it’s not working?  I’m confused for the second time tonight. 

After a few more minutes they call our order and we head over to the park to scoff our food before the seagulls swamp us.  

Happiness in a white paper bag

The boy has to head back to Fishy Bites for some salt for our chips. Chips without salt should be a crime.

The Barramundi is not bad, but it’s a very small fillet for what I thought was supposed to be an enormous fish. 
I heart Chippies
The chips are good – pipping hot and crispy.  The seagulls are pretty happy with them too...once we decide to share a few.

I feel like I'm being watched
Fishy Bites is at 491 Bronte Road, Bronte.

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  1. didn't you copy me?? Well atleast there was no food envy.

  2. Oh...maybe I did copy you? My memory is failing me in my old age.

  3. Oh fabulous! You've sent me back in time as we used to live in blissful Bronte before moving back to Newcastle. I love the Sculptures by the Sea - aren't they amazing?

  4. We walked around for awhile checking out the lovely houses in Bronte...blissful is the word for sure! The sculptures were crowds!

  5. Going to see Sculptures By the Sea in the next week I hope - Fishy Bite looks like a mixed experience, though I like the look of that barramundi.

  6. Fishy Bites was OK LottieP...just be prepared to wait. There was actaully a cafe a few doors up that also did take away and fish 'n chips...don't know it's name, but it had a stripped colour sign and served gelato crowd at all.

  7. chips without salt should be a crime!! sculptures are a cool idea. I would love to be a kid playing like those little kids in the chook!

  8. Hi Gastronomy Gal! I REALLY wanted to crawl inside the chook...but I'm 110% sure I would've gotten stuck and would have had to have been cut out of it.

  9. I've had the battered fish and chips from Fishy Bites before and it was very yum, but I think slow is a tradition with them.

    The child chook poo? Well ...

  10. Hi Beati3...I've had the battered fish too...I remember having it as my first naughty food after months on Weight tummy was not happy, but my tastebuds were!

  11. Fish, chips and the beach is my favorite combo! I have been wanting to visit the sculptures but theta is always a massive crowd - I think I'll skip to the fish and chips part though!

  12. Hi Gianna, go to the sculptures after work one night (next time they are on that is)'s SOOOOO much better as there are no crowds and loads of parking. You cannot skip the fish & chips though...that's the whole point of going to the sculptures I think!


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