Thursday, October 21, 2010

Wah Fung Hk BBQ Restaurant, Redfern

I spotted the Wah Fung Hk BBQ Restaurant one lunchtime when I was making a dash back from the Labels for Less store in Redfern.

I really love Chinese BBQ and when I realised my BFFs new job (with his old company) is in Redfern it seemed like the perfect half way point for us to meet up.

The BFF (which I thought stood for Best Friend Forever, but he insists stands for Best Foodie Friend) needed assurance that Wah Fung Hk wasn’t some dodgy hell hole that the should be closed down by the health department.  

A quick check with the cat lady at work, who lives locally, assured me this place was GOOD. In fact she’d only eaten there last night and raved about the BBQ Duck.  

And as Mr Shawn and Miss Chicken say, dodginess is next to godliness.

This placed looked fairly dodgy with its cheap tables and chairs so I knew right away the food was going to be good.

Wah Fung Hk was totally packed when we wandered in at lunchtime and the BFF & I got the last of the Formica tables. Score!

The menu is here is looooong and for me, totally overwhelming.  So many choices! And I’m not really sure what some of the things are.  I always see other people eating yummy things in places like this, but can never figure out what they are from the menu so end up with food envy.

Lucky for me today however there was no debate regarding what to eat. We were here for BBQ stuff so ordered the Combination BBQ and Rice for $10.80. We choose the BBQ Duck and BBQ Pork.
Hello lunch!

The serving was huge. A huge pile of rice topped with succulent, shiny Duck and Pork.  A small serving of ‘greens’ on the side was a nice way to combat some of the greasiness of the duck.

Get some pork on your fork
I thought it would be nice to get some sort of clear soup with our BBQ Combo, but the BFF encouraged me to be more adventurous now that I am a food blogger.  

He was pushing for fried pigs ear or pigs intestine, but one of the staff told us it was no longer on the menu  as nobody would order it – gee I wonder why? PHEW x 1000!  My look of horror evaporated.

You want me to eat what?
I like think that I am a fairly adventurous eater. I’ll give most cuisines a try and love the diversity of food we have to choose from in Sydney.  However, having grown up as an Australian with a European mother and English father my pallet is pretty boring.  I seem to have a real mental block with things like offal.

The BFF brazenly ordered a Beef Brisket soup ($8.50) – assuring me that brisket isn’t tripe or tripe-like as he knows I have a problem with any ‘squishy bits’, but perhaps it sits near the tripe? Neither of us were entirely sure what brisket exactly was. I hardly ever cook meat, so how would I know? My look of horror returned. 
Beef Brisket Soup
I was urged not to be such a pussy and give it a try…which I did.  

The broth was thick and meaty, and the noodles eggy and super looong!  We made a bit of a mess getting it all into our little bowls.  I gingerly tried the meat and it was OK…but what was the white stuff around it? Was it tripe, or just fat (just fat folks – no need to worry)?

For my pallet the soup broth was too rich and meaty. The BFF really enjoyed it though and had a few bowls. Bless his adventurous little heart. 

Note to self and readers: a quick Google search later reveals that brisket is not a squishy bit, but in fact a cut of meat from the breast or lower chest.  Brisket and tripe aren’t next door neighbours at all – they don’t even live in the same beefy neighbourhood. If only I had an iPhone I could’ve checked that back at BBQ HQ. 

Wah Fung Hk BBQ Restaurant is at 64 Regent St, Redfern (or Waterloo, which is sometimes the fancy name for Redfern I think).

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  1. Hehe everyone needs both kinds of BFF! And don't worry, everyone has their own limits. I don't eat tripe myself! :P

  2. All this BBQ goodness and I'm stuck on the other side of Sydney with chicken sambos....
    I demand BBQ Duck and Pork too!!!!!

  3. @Lorraine - I agree re thank you. Yummy BBQ Duck though. I could eat that every single day.

    @The Boy, it's your lucky night as you've had BBQ Chook for dinner!

  4. hehe i dont eat tripe either but definitely eat brisket mmm fatty meaty goodness :D

  5. Their spicy tofu is awesome! And huge portions!

  6. I recently introduced a small child who was just starting solid foods to their barbecue pork ribs. I felt like a drug dealer. The look of wrapped delight on his wittle face! This is food crack.


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