Friday, November 09, 2012

Queen Victoria Markets, Melbourne

One of the places on my "must do" list each time I visit to Melbourne is Queen Victoria Markets. I know Sydney has Paddy's and Flemington Markets which sell (sometimes) good, fresh food, but Queen Victoria Markets is just something special. The market is over 130 years old so definitely has an old world charm about it.

As well as an epically large outdoor area selling fresh produce, there is a spectacular old market hall crammed with lovely little shop fronts that I love to wander past, drooling at the delights on offer and lamenting that I ate too much at breakfast to fit anything else in. I did manage to buy a few mandarins to help me "feel healthy" on the trip - probably the only fruit I ate the whole time we were in Melbourne. Dear me.

If I lived in Melbourne this is where I would love to come and do my weekly grocery shopping - everything you need is here - fruit, vegetables, deli items, fresh meat and poultry, sweeties and even organic produce. I imagine this is what shopping in a European Market might be like - wandering through the market, visiting all of your favourite sellers.  Bliss!

Of course, whilst I am waxing lyrical about the lovely produce inside the hall The Boy has his sights firmly set on the Doughnut Van outside. Six pipping-hot-jam-filled doughnuts for $6.00 - what could be better than that?

Queen Victoria Market is on the corner of Victoria and Elizabeth Streets in the Melbourne CBD. Check out their website for details on their opening hours.

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  1. Haven't been to the markets but I'll be in Melb post-Xmas so I might pop by.

  2. Another place for my to-do list! I looks amazing. I secretly love a good Doughnut Van too :)

  3. Oh how I love Melbourne. Queen Vic markets are fab! Next time check out Prahan market, a little smaller and gorgeous. Oh and why doesn't Sydney do hot jam donuts? They are truly amazing.

  4. i haven't really been to melbourne properly......

  5. Yeah, you can't ignore those doughnuts! I quite like QV Market and seem to always go there when I'm in town

  6. 6 for $6 - bargain. I know where I'd be heading to first. ;)

  7. Mel, I love QVM... and any market for that matter! The history is so rich and interesting... I could merrily eat my way through from one stall to the next!

  8. Defs my fav place in Melbourne! And omg they should move the doughnut van to Sydney, I would be their no. 1 customer

  9. Haha after re-reading your post fully I just realised I used the same idiom as you in my latest post, What a coinkidink haha


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