Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Maki Maki, Ultimo

I'm very excited when I receive an email from Miss Chicken asking me for a lunch date today.  She's just gotten back from an all-you-can-eat holiday to Japan with Mr Shawn so I'm keen to catch up on their adventures.

I'm a little surprised when Miss Chicken suggests Maki Maki on Broadway. I thought she'd be all Japanese fooded out after her eight day trip.  The japanese lunch is an attempt to abate the pain at being back at work and relive the holiday glory - I know how that feels.

Maki Maki

The last time we ate at Maki Maki I had the most amazing Soft Shell Crab Udon Noodle Soup and was all set to go for this again today.

Miss Chicken alerts me to the new lunch time special where we can order a rice (or noodle) bowl AND a sushi roll for $10!  Seems too good to be true.

Lunchtime dreams can come true
I go for the Chicken Teriyaki Rice Bowl with a Dragon Roll on the side. Miss Chicken chooses the Spicy Pork Rice Bowl as she is chilli fiend and an Alaska Roll.

The sushi arrives almost seconds after we order it.  We both whip out our cameras and I try to make my photos look as good as I know Miss Chickens will.

The sushi is freshly made, tasty and is just the right amount. My Dragon Roll comes topped with eel and an avacado and shredded crab filling (or seafood extender - who can really tell).  I've only ever had Dragon Roll with cream cheese in the middle so this is an interesting change.

Dragon Roll
The Alaska Roll also comes with an avacado and shredded crab/seafood extender filling and is topped with a mixture of salmon and avocado.

Alaska Roll
Whilst we're still snapping away at our sushi the rice bowls arrive. OMG - there is so much food on our table and the rice bowls are ENORMOUS!  I don't know how I'm going to fit everything into my stomach.

The Chicken Teriyaki has a lovely crisp skin surrounding a succulent chicken breast and comes with cabbage, something red that I cannot identify and rice.  There is also some bright red pickled lotus root which I'm fascinated with as it's so pretty.  I can't get the camera thing happening well enough to take a picture of it which makes me sad.

Chicken Teriyaki
I try Miss Chicken's spicy pork which is...spicy, so lives up to its name.

Spicy, but not too spicy, pork
The food is as good as I remember from last time, however the service has changed a bit.

We have to order and pay for our meal at the cash register - which is no big deal.

I am upset though that I find my self forkless and trying to eat rice with chopsticks.  I cannot for the life of me catch anyone's attention to ask about getting a fork.  Oh well, this dress was getting a bit tight anyway so I shouldn't be eating carbs at lunch.

Maki Maki is at 169 Broadway, Ultimo.

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  1. Why is there always something yummy on the menu when I'm not around?? shouldn't you be eating a ham and tomato sandwich???

  2. Cream cheese in a dragon roll? I've never had that. Get on down to Hikaru Japanese in Newtown, they do a mean dragon roll, minus the cheese of course. Maki Maki sounds great

  3. Hmmm John...well atleast I think it's a cream cheese...I've had it before at Sushi Train and a few other places. My family lives at Hikaru - I only walked past there today thinking we were overdue for a Hikaru experience.


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