Friday, October 15, 2010

Duck & Swan, Chippendale

The Duck & Swan seems to be the closest pub to my work for Friday lunches so we wandered down there today to celebrate that it’s Friday - yay!

The food here is quite nice with big servings, though I find the staff a little…flakey (ok, they annoy the hell out of me)! 

Each time I’ve been here the wait staff try to offload food to us that we’ve not ordered.  Sort of seems of pointless of having a numbering system for the tables if the customers are the only ones who know what they’ve ordered.

So…rant time over.

The last few times I’ve been here I’ve had the Beef Rendang ($12.80 and only available during lunch times).  It’s a button- popping generous serve of spicy Rendang with rice and a few token vegies chucked in for good measure. The Rendang is sprinkled with uber-yummy dried shallots!  The piggy part of me really wishes the meal came with Roti Bread, but my stomach is literally bursting at the seams as it is…so it’s probably best that it doesn’t.
Rendang yummyness
The Duck also do regular pub food like steak and chips, burgers, pasta…not a lot of vegetarian options on the menu though. 

Four out of the five of us opted for the Rendang - which must show how good it is.  There was one lonely steak and chips squished in amongst all the Rendang love.

The lonely steak
The Duck and Swan has a good outside courtyard area  (not so great today as it was raining, so we sat up in their covered patio area which is nice and feels really summery).

The Duck & Swan is on Rose Street in Chippendale.

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