About Miss Piggy

Hi, my name is Mel, but you can call me Miss Piggy.

I think you'll be surprised and impressed by how much food I can pack into my ever-expanding stomach - hence the nickname Miss Piggy. Though my side-kick "The Boy" often gives me a run for my money.

My "adventures" run to admin assistant by day, struggling home cook by night. I need to eat out to ensure I don't starve.  I love catching up with family and friends over something yummy. Cheap and cheerful are my favourite places to eat, but I don't mind something fancy schmancy every now and then.

Sometimes I try to bake but it often ends in tears (really)!  I once tried to take photographs of a banana cake I was attempting to cook in the hopes of blogging about it.  This ended ultimately ended in a sagging, burnt, yet somehow soggy cake and me in the bedroom sobbing.

Since then I've realised that baking is not my friend.  I am however getting better at whipping up a home-cooked meal.  I find a lot of great, simple recipes on fellow bloggers websites and I love trying them out.  Sometimes my attempts are a dismal failure, but I sometimes have great success (as long as the recipe is short, with no more than say 10 ingredients and 10 steps).

Eating out is often just so much easier, and so much more fun for this little piggy! 

I usually find out about great places to eat from reading food blogs, recommendations from friends or eavesdropping on peoples conversations when I'm on the train.  The opinions expressed in my blog are just that, my opinions.  I don't pretend I'm a food expert as I'm not.  I just write about food I like, and good places I've been to.

In the last few years I've started growing a small amount of edible plants on my balcony.  I've enjoyed learning about gardening, although I have not enjoyed the plant-eating creepy crawlies that comes with the territory. Through my gardening I've had to learn to be more creative and flexible in my cooking - it's been a great learning curve. You can follow my gardening journey through my regular gardening posts each Monday, called Harvest Monday. 

Animal welfare in farming (and in general) is a passion of mine and I try to follow a path of ethical eating as much as I can, which is not as easy as it sounds!  I try to only eat free-range meat and eggs where possible - I want to know that the animal I'm eating has led as "natural a life" as possible and that it has met a dignified death. This sometimes means "going vegetarian" at my cheap and cheerful places where the provenance of the product is not always known - although sometimes you've just gotta have that Peking Duck Pancake as it's too difficult to resist (Miss Piggy is only human after all).  I love  shopping at local farmers markets for free-range meat and other produce - I enjoy nothing better than shopping at an outdoor market and chatting to the local sellers.

On occasion I am invited to events and restaurants to try a meal free of charge. I will always disclose this at the top of my posts and I like to think that the "free meal" doesn't influence my opinion of the overall experience. Like all my dining experiences if I have a truly horrible time I just won't write about it - this blog is about spreading the joy after all!

To date I have not excepted any products to review on my blog as I don't feel there is a place for that sort of thing within the current format of this blog. 

I live in Sydney's wild wild west, though I once roamed the streets of Newtown and Darlinghurst (in my cooler days).  Every week I'm surprised and delighted by the great food I'm finding in my new suburb.

You can follow all the super interesting stuff I have to say on twitter @MissPiggyEats, or email me at melanie2880 [at] hotmail [dot] com.


  1. Hi Miss Piggy! I run really great cooking classes in North Narrabeen if you are interested in brushing up (or should I say acquiring!) your skills. Check out the list of upcoming classes on my facebook page http://www.facebook.com/barbettesfeast

    Love your blog!

  2. That peacock feather skirt looks smashing!! In fact the whole ensemble looks lovely. Lol, love your blog! ;)

  3. Hey Miss Piggy! So flattered you've got The Kitchen Inc. down as a "read it + eat" suggestions! Thank you! Love the site, I feel your pain with those pesky caterpillars eating your beans. xx Kate

  4. Hey Miss Piggy! Great to see another fellow "pig" out there so to speak. Awesome that you really get out there and taste and try and do what you want! Even balcony gardening, isn't it the best!

  5. Hey Miss Piggy - great blog!

    We'd love it if you could come to one of our Secret Dining events soon.

    They all take place in peoples homes - so something a bit different to try: http://www.meetup.com/Secret-Dining-Supper-Clubs-in-Sydney/


  6. Hey Miss Piggy,

    I am SO grateful for your blog. I was in Sydney this weekend and found some AMAZING places to eat through your blog - my favourite being Circa :)
    Keep up the great work xx

  7. Hi, I came across your website looking for places to eat in Bali.

    I really love your writing style, pictures, and how everything is formatted.


  8. Thanks so much for listing places that serve free-range meat and eggs! We are visiting Sydney this month and your site is indispensable.


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