Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Sushi Hotaru, City

It's no secret that I love a good sushi train, and at Sushi Hotaru in the Galleries Victoria there's plenty to love.

This sushi train is the longest I've ever seen (and I've seen a lot of sushi trains in my time). The train stretches down the entire length of the restaurant, it must be at least 20 meters long.  And you know what that means? Lots and lots and lots of sushi to choose from.  Bring it on!

As if meters of sushi trundling past me isn't heaven enough, all of the dishes on the train are $3.00 (excluding the fancy gold plates that house the Sashimi). Sushi Hotaru's only been open for a few months so the $3.00 price tag may just be an opening special...hopefully not.

I start with an Eel Roll with Cream Cheese. I really love the smooth texture of cream cream in a sushi roll, and I wonder if this is the reason I keep choosing this dish whenever I see it at a sushi train?

I spy a Soft Shell Crab Roll traveling past and it's adorned with my new favourite food, renkon chips. 

Next up is one of my all time favourite sushi train items - Cooked Tuna Ship (or Tuna Gunkan as it's called at Sushi Hotaru). There is just something amazingly tasty about the cooked tuna used in sushi...it's probably mixed with a lot of mayonnaise to give it that smooth, creamy texture that I so love.

Ooo look here comes another of my favourite dishes, Crab Claw (or possible seafood extender claw, but whatever as it's yummy).  Unlike my previous crab claw encounters this offering does not have pieces of shredded crab within, but something that more resembles a piece of seafood stick. The Crab Claw was served with sweet chilli sauce which I am not a fan off, I would've enjoyed it with some mayonnaise.

As I enjoyed the Cooked Sushi Ship so much I don't hesitate in grabbing a Sushi and Avocado Roll

As the sushi is just so tasty I decide that I can squeeze in just one more plate.  A Cooked Salmon Roll catches my eye, mainly as it too has a cream cheese centre. The salmon is charred with a blow torch, a popular way to cook ingredients in a sushi train, and it has a delicious smokey, charred flavour.

As I'm waiting for a top up on my water I have a flick through the menu.  There are literally hundreds of items at Sushi Hotaru to choose from, ranging from sushi rolls, hand rolls, sashimi, fancy drinks, desserts and side dishes.

Just as I'm about to ask for my bill I spot Renkon Chips on the menu.  Squee! As they are my new favourite food it seems a shame not to have some...salty, crispy deep-fried pieces of Lotus Root are my new food love.

I will definitely be back to Sushi Hotaru the next time I'm looking for a sushi fix in the city.  They have a great range of sushi and great prices.  And yes, I was wearing my stretchy pants this day - how else could I have fit in so much food?

Despite only being a newbie on the sushi train block this place seems very popular already. I arrived just before 6pm and the restaurant was already three quarters full. By 6.15pm there's a queue of people waiting for a seat.  Half the restaurant is given over to booths for groups of up to four, with the added novelty of touch screen ordering using an iPad. Very GenNow.

Sushi Hotaru is at Level 1, The Galeries Victoria, 500 George Street, Sydney (opposite Kinokuniya Book Store).

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  1. I too love the crab claws, and the potato croquettes, and the takoyaki, and..... guess I love the sushi train too!!!!

  2. i love sushi hotaru! esp the combo of touch screen and grabbing plates off the train!

  3. Yum! Good to know that there's good sushi in the city, some places are just not worth a visit.

  4. i just went to sushi hotaru for the first time last friday... i LOVE it!! it is now my new fave sushi place in the city.. especially if you get a table to sit at with the iPad and keep ordering more and more.. (whoops) haha. i especially love the fried yellowtail even though i only tried a bite of my friend's one.. will be going again soon!!

  5. wow...that looks like a really long sushi train!! I love renkon chips too! :) and that soft shell crab roll looks delicious....now I want to go to a sushi train- I haven't been to one for quite a while now....

  6. YUM! i do love a good sushi train too. will definitely have to check it out....

  7. What a long train!! I am a sucker for renkon chips too :)

  8. The Peanut GalleryJune 8, 2011 at 10:26 PM

    I missed sushi...now the baby is out I can eat it again!! This place looks good!

  9. Haha mayo makes everything awesomeness! Those lotus roots look delish! Will have to give this noe a go on a lunch break. YUM!

  10. i've seen this place packed out when i sneak in a ramen bowl upstairs at ichi ban.. the train is sooo long! beautifully presented little plates.. i wonder if its still $3? ill let you know as im sure to be visiting soon :)

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