Friday, October 15, 2010

Sabbaba - Newtown does falafel

Last Friday as I was rushing down King Street to an Optometrist appointment I spied a new shinny place to eat - Sabbaba.
As I don't live in this neck of the woods anymore every change to King Street stops me in my tracks and has me wondering about changes to my old 'hood.

Sabbaba is a middle eastern cafe that serves falafel, as well as meat, pitas.  It apparently has a bit of a legendary status in Bondi.   I LOVE middle eastern food (or any food) so I was willing to give it a try.

On Friday it was WAY too busy to even consider eating there (plus I’d already done a large spot of shopping so my hour lunch time was quickly running out), so I tried my luck on Wednesday.   Success.  Joy!

It was still fairly busy, but I easily got a seat. 

As rightly pointed out by Mr Shawn, the place does have a bit of the McDonalds feel about it, but as I LOVE McDonalds (and I’m not ashamed to admit it) I was pretty happy. 

I settled on what seemed to be the original Sabbaba offering – the Sabbaba Pita Pocket which is $8.90. This pita was HUGE and filled to the brim with falafel, village salad (whatever that is - if you know, please let me know), salsa, tabouli, red cabbage, hummus, tabouli, pickles and babbaganoush.

I’m not sure if it’s because they’ve only just opened, but for an extra $4.90 you can choose two extra sides (just like a McHappy meal – yay).  The girl taking my order quickly twisted my rubber arm to take her up on the offer.  I settled for a drink and some vine leaves.

As the pita was absolutely ENORMOUS there was no way I needed to try and cram any more food into my tummy. I gave it my best shot though, but the last two vine leaves would just not fit in.  Miss Piggy indeed.

OMG - I have to eat all that?
My upsized meal - pita, drink and vine leaves

The last two vines leaves that didn't make it in.
Shiny new Sabbabaness
As this is my first attempt and writing about my Miss Piggy adventures I felt a bit awkward taking photos in a restaurant…on my own…on my phone…with me unable to figure out how to turn off the flash.   Sorry to everyone who I blinded with the flash…oopsie.

My one tip for this place – they need a mirror on the wall so we can check out teeth for tabouli before heading back out into the big wide world!  And wear stretchy pants if you’re going to “upsize” your meal (that’s two tips I know – but both are pretty important).

Sabbaba is on King Street, Newtown - just near the corner of Missenden Road.

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  1. Hi Miss Piggy
    I'm looking forward to checking out Sabbaba. I'm a big fan of the one in Bondi but I live in Newtown. Woop woop!

  2. I had one of these the other day - delicious and adds something to the variety on Kings St. Funnily enough it is more expensive then the thai lunch time specials on King St.

  3. I agree RR, it wasn't as cheap as the $8 thai lunch specials, but worth it for a bit of variety I think. I totally didn't need to upsize my meal though as the pita was big enough - that just added to the cost.

  4. This place is a ten minute walk from my house and I still haven't pulled my finger out


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