Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Sushi at Tomodachi, Broadway

I normally end up here at least once a week for lunch as it’s fairly close to my work.  If it wasn’t close to my work I’d probably still make the trek as I’m addicted to any place that puts sushi on a conveyor belt so I can ogle and drool as plate after plate silently glides by.  Genius. 

It’s a pretty indulgent lunch to have on a working day as Sushi trains are never really cheap, but once I get the idea of Sushi in my head my stomach won’t be happy with anything else. And a Piggy must always listen to her tummy. 

My friends joke that I should’ve booked a sushi train for my upcoming wedding! If I’d thought of it trust me I would’ve!!!!  Yes, really. 

Hello Tomodachi
Anyway, last night the boy & I had an appointment in Enmore and we were meeting at Broadway after work. The idea was to go somewhere in Newtown or Enmore and then scoot down to our appointment with full bellies. 

Once I got to Broadway “Sushi” immediately popped into my head like I kind of knew (hoped) it would. Luckily this time the boy was thinking what I was thinking.

I’ve been to this place so many times I’ve lost count. I’m pleased to say the quality & variety of their sushi has gotten better over time (trust me, I’ve been here enough to know).  In the past the choices have been limited, the train half empty and the offerings not always that fresh or inviting. Last night the magical sushi conveyer of happiness was full of yummy plates to choose from. 

The sushi on the train goes round & round...into my tummy
The good thing about going to the Tomodachi sushi train as a pair as that I can sample more plates than if I were alone.  I always try and squish five plates in at lunch time, but in reality it’s just one plate too many.  Damn you stomach!

Last night we had ten glorious plates of sushi goodness. 

We started off with crab claws, which are a new and delightful discovery of for me.  I don’t care if it’s shredded crab or seafood extender inside the crispy little balls of batter as they are GOOD.  The boy and I both found it hard to just have one claw each…but sharing is caring. Blah blah blah. 

Crab claw - I want more!
Even Tomodachi says I have to share my crab claw.
We also enjoyed tuna ship, edamame, prawn nigiri, soft shell crab roll (my all time favourite), tempura prawn roll, chicken teriyaki roll and some other things that I really have no idea about. I won't put up a picture of all of the plates as there are just so many - but here are some of our favourites...

Soft shell crab roll.
Some fancy, random roll with prawn & salmon. Good.
Tuna Ship
Prawn Tempura
The sushi plates here range from $2.50 up to $6.20 for a fancy gold plate. Our meal of ten plates came to $43 - but happiness is priceless, right?

The price list
The boy was very particular in making sure he had two plates from each colour - very matchy matchy.

All done!
Tomodachi Restaurant is in the Food Court at Level 2 Broadway Shopping Centre.

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  1. mmm i love sushi trains too nawww now i need to go get me some sushi for lunch!

  2. I would've had it for lunch today if I didn't just have it for dinner. There's always tomorrow though...

  3. how about a little credit for the awesome photography??

  4. Yes, I do think my photos are getting a little better...ta!

  5. Absolutely happiness is priceless! And I think your idea of sushi train wedding food is brilliant! :P

  6. Tomadachi is one of the best sushi trains in sydney for variety.

    Congrats on impending nuptials.

  7. I love this place - yum yum.


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