Saturday, October 16, 2010

Titanic, Parramatta - blogger fail

As far as food blogging efforts go I’d have to say that last night was an epic, or Titanic, failure on my part (pun intended).

We decided to go out for dinner in our new ‘burb, Parramatta, so wandered down to Church Street which is always heaving on a Friday night with people out for a bite to eat.

The last time we went out for dinner in Parramatta we spotted Titanic – a new Middle Eastern restaurant.  It was so crowded and people were lining up to get in – so it was obviously good. 

Last night we ventured out fairly early so the place was pretty much empty (there are benefits to being a nanna that needs to be in bed by 9.30pm most nights).  I’d wanted to get a seat in the outdoor area which looks a bit like an Arabian Tent with comfy seats and people smoking hookahs, but it was fully booked…bummer!

We got a comfy seat indoors and no complaints from me as the wind was picking up and I was having ‘hair issues.

As the boy & I had both had big lunches we decided to share a meal and settled on a Mixed Grill Shish ($20.90 – not including a 10% discount as part of their opening special).  The meal comes with a lamb, chicken, and kafta shish, hommous, tabouli, garlic dip, chips and Lebanese bread. As we were sharing our waiter gave us extra bread at no charge – bargain!

I spent some time trying to take sneaky photos of the restaurant (all of which turned out terribly and won’t be making an appearance here), but when our meal arrived I totally forgot about taking a photo of the plate of food and just hoed right in.  Oopsie!!!  Food blogging fail.

It wasn’t until we’d nearly demolished our dinner that realised I forgot to take a happy snap of our meal – so sorry about the picture of our nearly empty plate.
What's left of our dinner
Our Mixed Shish was great and exactly the sort of food I love to eat with a taste of loads of different things. 

The garlic dip was nice and creamy with not too much garlic (we’re not warding off vampires after all) – and was great with the chips. It was definitely the highlight of the meal for us both.  It was a struggle to share the shish as they were so good and the extra bread went down well with all of the hommous we were given.

All in all, we’re very happy campers!

Titanic is at 5/354 Church St, Parramatta.

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