Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Taj Indian Sweets & Restaurant , Harris Park

After our Cabramatta road trip last weekend to try out some Vietnamese fare, my mostly dormant sweet tooth popped up to say “FEED ME SOMETHING SWEET….NOW”!

What I really wanted was a McDonalds sundae with Caramel Sauce, but I do have a slight problem with ice-cream. I love it, but it hates me.   Nicey-Poo also points out that McDonalds sundaes are gross and totally uncool. Seriously, what do Gen Y know about these sort of things anyway?

As we’re already back in Parramatta I suggest a quick detour to Harris Park for some Indian sweeties.

I’ve not been to Harris Park at night time before and I’m surprised by how busy the cafes on Marion and Wigram Streets are.   The suburb is heaving with restaurant diners all enjoying a late night meal (ok, a meal at 9.30pm). 

Harris Park is the area that some people have started referring to as Sydney’s Little India and the air is thick with the aroma of delicious Indian Food.   Indian isn’t the only type of food on offer in Harris Park though, there is Greek, Japanese Teppanyaki as well as Lebanese.

The Boy pulls the car over in a prime position right outside Taj Indian Sweets and Restaurant – snap!  I was getting worried we wouldn’t find a park and that I’d have to force Nicey-Poo to eat a McSundae. 

Although Taj’s menu board shows prices for sweeties by the kilo, they don’t mind if you just order a piece…or three.

Despite the large array of sweets on offer, I already know what I want  as it is the same thing I always have when indulging in Indian Sweets  – Pistachio Burfi.    

Burfi is basically a dieters worst nightmare.  It is made from condensed milk which is cooked with sugar until it solidifies.  It is super sweet and rich and super delicious!  Luckily for me one piece is enough (it is all my waist line can handle after our huge Vietnamese meal earlier in the night).

The Boy is indecisive as he really wanted a sweetie with silver foil on it as it just feels ‘more special’.  Taj is out of silver foil goodies, so he settles on an Almond Burfi. It’s good, but not as good as my beloved Pistachio Burfi.

Niecy-Poo goes for a piece of Gulab Jamun.  Gulab Janum is a syrupy sweet ball of deep fried dough.  The dough is made of milk solids.  Once the dough is rolled into a ball it is deep fried then soaked in a sugar syrup that is flavoured with anything from cardamom seeds to rosewater or saffron.  

The Gulab Jamun I’ve before has always been served warm, sitting in a bath of the sugary syrup. Taj’s offering is served cold and without the syrup, so it is not as nice as it is when served warm.  That said, it was still sweet enough to rot the enamel off our teeth!

Taj Indian Sweets and Restaurant is at 91 Wigram St, Harris Park.

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  1. I've always wanted to try out Indian desserts - just haven't yet.
    Gulab Jamun sounds great, and whatever that one in the first pic is looks real interesting!

  2. Hi Tina - the desserts are SO sweet and rich, but very yummy. I've not tried the top one - but a guy from work told me it is called Jalebi, and is just deep fried batter soaked in syrup (so not very healthy)!

  3. Yum! Indian sweets are so, so delicious (but yes a dieter's nightmare) :P

  4. I've had Gulab Jamun - flavoured with cinnamon and coated in rosewater syrup. It was yummy! Definitely best served warm!

  5. Hi Lorraine - I cannot believe people would buy these sweeties by the kilo! I'd end up making myself ill I think.

    Peanut - the Galab Jamun is totally better comparison really. I wish they'd popped ours into the microwave for 10 seconds.

  6. Gulab Jamun is my favourite indian sweet. It has to be in syrup though. Nice with yoghurt too, to cut through the sweetness.

  7. People buy by the kilo as Indian sweets are usually bought for special occasions/big dinner parties.

    Jalebis are amazing. My favourite Indian sweet by far!

  8. These look great. I have YET to go to HP!! It's just around the corner too. Bad me.

    P.S. I love that you kept calling your niece "Nicey-Poo" HAHA was that a typo?


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