Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Husky Bakery and Cafe, Huskisson

It is day one of the long awaited first leg of our beach side honeymoon in Jervis Bay and it is FREEZING.

It is inconceivable to me that just four sleeps before Christmas it can be too cold to swim.  Whilst the weather is sunny and there are blue skies as far as the eye can see (I have the sunburn to prove it) the temperature is cool, and the water even cooler...brr. We both got as far as our waists at Hyams Beach before we retreated to the white sandy beach and rugged up in our towels and shivered until we were dry.

So Plan B was to hop into the car and check out what else is on offer in Jervis Bay besides its icy cold beaches.

We end up at Huskisson right on lunch time and head up to the Husky Bakery and Cafe for some warming up.  As far as Plan B’s go, this was a pretty good one.

The bakery smells just like a bakery should.  A mix of savoury aromas from the freshly baked bread and homemade pies mixes with the sweet temptations on offer.  We’re like kids in a candy shop as we rush from display case to display case deciding what we should order.

The Boy opts for a Husky Pie ($3.70) and it looks mouth-wateringly good.  The pie is filled with huge chunks of steak and the pastry is thick, flaky and crispy.  The gravy is thick and rich.  I have major food envy, but lucky for me The Boy offers to share his bounty with me.

Even though the wedding is now long gone and the wedding dress packed away in the wardrobe, I decide to go for a healthier option as I know I’m going to be pigging out with the best of them when we land in Hawaii for Honeymoon 2.0 just after Christmas.

I choose a tasty looking Tortilla Wrap ($5.50) that is jammed packed with Mexican Spiced Chicken , salad and sweet chilli sauce (oh sweet chilli sauce, why must you be everywhere I am)?  My tortilla wrap is tasty and filling, but I would have loved if it was dressed with something tastier than store bought sweet chilli sauce.

Surprisingly The Boy and I leave with the bakery without a sweet treat.  When we went back to the counter to buy a little something special the shop had been invaded by American tourists about to try their first Aussie meat pie...ever!  None of them can decide which sauce to squirt on their pie. I (helpfully ?) tell them to avoid the sweet chilli sauce that is being offered to them and go for the tomato sauce .  After all it’s just not cricket to eat your pie any other way!

Husky Bakery and Cafe is at 11 Currambeene Street, Huskisson.  Just look for the old baker's van out the front and you'll know you're in the right spot.


  1. Ahh I love those kiddy cupcakes with the hard pink icing. I don't have many child-like vices left but that is one. I used to walk the dog to the bakery on a Saturday morning to get one for breakfast.

  2. Funny! You do know things get colder the further south you go, right? Sydney water is too cold for swimming until mid Feb by my reckoning, but I'm a squib. That's a damn fine lookin' pie!

  3. That pie looks amazing! On the other hand, sweet chilli sauce in a tortilla wrap sounds wrong to me (store-bought or not) :)

  4. Well done on eating healthily! I know there is the temptation to indulge in everything after a wedding diet! :) And I'm drooling at the shot of inside the pie :P

  5. That pie looked delicious!!! Hope you guys are having fun. Did you write that the Boy would always share with you when you were eating into your vows??

  6. It's surprisingly cool for summer this time of year. The pie looks so good! And I'm getting quite hungry from the shot of the shelves of pies :D

  7. Hi vintagemacaroon - the cupcakes were cute. The Boy didn't notice them when we were in the shop so was sad when he saw this picture and realised he'd missed out!

    Hi Beati3 (or should I stay squib) - we're not THAT far south! I hope today is warmer (at least it's really sunny). Pie was 10/10!

    Hi lateraleating - I'm SO sick of sweet chilli sauce. It's so yucky and unimaginative.

    Hi Lorraine - pie is totally droolworthy! I'm blown it though on the eating healthy since I wrote this post. It's all over red rover!

    Hi Peanut - The Boy just has to share even though it wasn't in the vows. Thems The Rules!

    Hi Sheena - it's way too cold to be swimming, so sad as this is not the beach holiday I'd been dreaming about. The pie was yummy. I really should've gotten one of my very own.


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