Monday, December 13, 2010

Gingerbread House Village

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! Well, at the office anyway.

It is a bit of a tradition for my team to build a Christmas Diorama to celebrate the beginning of the silly season and the end of the work year. 

Beati3 seems to be the official Diorama Coordinator and others get creative if they feel the need.  

This year, in keeping with Clover Moore's obsession in creating a "City of Villages", a gingerbread house village has popped up in the office kitchen.  Mmmmm...tasty!

I think Hilary Clinton once said "it takes a village to raise a child".  What she really should have said is "it takes a gingerbread village to keep a child well and truly happy".

Beati3 spent many days and nights lovingly baking and constructing her gingerbread house only to have the roof cave in right at the very end.  Whilst this may seem like a total tragedy (and it probably was for Beati3) it meant that we've all spent the last week eating the ruined pieces of the gingerbread house.  Don't you love it when something good comes out of a gingerbread tragedy?

Not one to give up, Beati3 did what all good foodies do and popped down to DJs to buy a gingerbread house kit. There's nothing wrong with a kit house - my parents lived in one for years!

And the thing with gingerbread houses is that they multiple. Pretty soon we had an entire row of gingerbread houses...

And just to make things even better this is what we found in the kitchen this morning!   I can't think of a better start to a Monday, can you?


After I left the office last night I think the Christmas Elves must have been hard at work as our gingerbread house village got a whole lot fancier.  Check out this wonderful mountain vista...


  1. I love gingerbread houses - and if kits make them easier, then I'm all for that too!

  2. Whoa they are fantastic!! A whole village! I'm far too nervous to attempt gingerbread house, plus no one in my house eats them, so I'd end up eating it all by myself. Hello diabetes!

  3. Hi Melanie! Great to meet you and Dave too on Saturday! :) Wow... an entire village of Gingerbread Houses. Yum! I could probably devour all of them, like Godzilla.

  4. Too cool Mel! I have just finished approx. 400 mini gingerbread men to sell amongst my regular customers. My mini men would love these houses I am sure! The DJ's kits sound great :)

  5. what a great office thing to do.. really does brighten things up!

  6. It was really nice meeting you on Saturday Melanie! The gingerbread houses look great, so many lollies :D

  7. Some serious sugar highs there!! I have never attempted a gingerbread house - perhaps next year????

  8. Perhaps next year we can establish a new colony in our kitchen.... I hereby claim this kitchen in the name of gingerbread......

  9. As I'm one of those who is enjoying looking at the houses and anticipating the eating, thanks for this post.

  10. Hi Tina - I agree. Kit house or not, gingerbread rocks (though two out of our three were homemade).

    Hi Kay - I ate a good portion of the broke house all to myself. Once I started I just couldn't stop.

    Hi Marvin (or should I call you Godzilla) - I think we get to demolish the village on Thursday. Not long to go now. Great meeting you on the weekend too. LOVE your blog.

    Hi Jane - 400 gingerbread men! OMG! Hope you made some ladies to keep all those boys company.

    Hi Thang - the office does feel pretty festive. As well as our tasty village we have decorations everywhere.

    Hi Sheena - lovely to meet you too. We have so many left over lollies to eat. I've refrained...for now!

    Hi Cate - if anyone can make a gingerbread house it would be you!

    Hi Boy - perhaps we'll just have a free standing house next year. Just one!

    Hi M-H - no worries. Not long til those houses are in our tummies.

  11. WOW - i love the gingerbread house!!! i wouldnt dare attempt to make one but thats ultra cool :)

  12. Cute village! My office lacks the Xmas spirit... but there's always a good supply of booze :)

  13. The village looks incredible. I think that a massively over-decorated gingerbread house is the BEST kind!

  14. Hi Gastronomous - I'd try to make a kit house, other than that I have NO baking skills. So sad.

    Hi lateraleating - we'll be hitting the X-mas spirit at our team x-mas lunch tomorrow. And hopefully eating the gingerbread village too!

    Hi OohLookBel - the village has gotten even more fancy today, if you can believe it.


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