Monday, November 29, 2010

Bau Truong, Cabramatta

On Saturday night The Boy, Niecy-Poo and I decide to go on an eating adventure to Cabramatta. I’ve been drooling over so many food blogs lately extolling the many virtues of the food in Cabramatta that I had to see taste for myself.

During the week I’d read blogs by Noodlies and Here Comes the Food both raving about Tan Viet, and its amazingly awesome Crispy Chicken.  I was finally going to give in to my craving to try this dish, wedding dress be damned.  It goes without saying that The Boy was determined to support me on my Crispy Chicken tasting mission.  

We parked the car near the train station and I marched The Boy and Nicey-Poo down John Street reciting all the good things I’d read about Tan Viet. 

We arrive at the restaurant at 7.05pm just as one of the staff flip the sign on the door to CLOSED. Huh?  It seems that the folk in Cabramatta are early eaters as this place shuts at 7pm.  I’ll admit I’m a bit of a nanna, but even 7pm on a Saturday night is a bit too early for me to be tucked up in bed after eating a 5pm dinner. 

In fact as I look around I notice that 90% of the shops and restaurants are all shut for the day. Seems like Cabramatta really ‘happens’ in daylight hours only.

Not to worry, there were still a few places open for dinner so we wander back down John Street and see what’s on offer. We decide on Bau Truong because a) it is still open at 7.15pm and b) it seems fairly crowded which is a good sign in my books.

We are shown to our seats, given tea and a menu that is bigger than the Sydney White Pages.  The menu is so large that we can really only have one open at a time on the table otherwise they won’t all fit.

It’s a given that we are going to order Fresh Rolls and The Boy decides that we’ll be sampling Prawn and Pork Fresh Rolls ($7.50).  The rolls are very tasty (and fresh as the name promises), but I wouldn’t say the best I’ve ever had. I found the pork a little dry and I think I’ve decided I like my Fresh Rolls sans Pork thank you very much.

Next up is the Vietnamese Pancake ($12.00).  I have an obsession with these and I’m not sure why as I always find the pancake just a little too oily (which I like to whinge about to my dining companions – sozzy guys).  That said, I really love the fresh innards of bean shoots which I think which is why I keep ordering it. The Boy and Nicey-Poo found the pancake a little bland, but once we figure out we’re supposed to pour one of the  fish sauces onto it, and add some of the mint and lettuce garnishing the plate, the flavour picks up.

Probably the best meal of the night (which I choose of course…yay me) is the Beef Salad with Mango, Apple and Star Fruit ($15.00).  This salad was so fresh, the beef tender and thinly sliced.  The green mango and apple give it a slightly acidic zing which is so fresh in my mouth.  I’d be happy to eat this dish on a regular basis.  It has the fresh and zesty flavour that I really associate with Vietnamese food.  More please.

Last up is the dish we drove to Cabramatta for, Crispy Chicken and Tomato Rice ($10.00).  I’ve got to tell you, The Boy may look slow, but he is quicker than the speed of light when it comes to nabbing chickeny goodness for himself. Whilst I’m chatting to Neicy-Poo he quickly grabs two of the four pieces of chicken and starts devouring them.  He tells me the two pieces were joined together so he had to take them both.  Hmmm, a likely story.  

The chicken is good, fried to a crisp (just how I like it) so I can munch on the bones as well as the juicy flesh.  I’m not a big fan of the tomato rice, I find it a bit dry, but the others really love it.  To me it tastes like the tomato flavour comes from some kind of tomato sauce rather than fresh tomatoes – if you know how they do it let me know!

The verdict?  We’ll be back to Cabramatta one weekend in the not too distant future to get the proper Cabramatta experience. I can’t wait. 

Bau Truong is at 70 John St, Cabramatta.

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  1. that's a pity you didn't get to try Tan Viet but Bau Truong has some tasty dishes :-)

  2. Hi Simon - we are going to go back on a Saturday or Sunday when everything is open and Cabramatta is really at its best - Tan Viet is on my hit list!

  3. wow weird that tan viet closes so early! glad you still got some chicken tho!

  4. Yeah sif close so early! Hee hee looks like you enjoyed the megasized menu too and I need to try the crispy chicken at Bau Truong

  5. I haven't had one of those Vietnamese pancakes for ages. I remember they used to be so bland until you poured the sauce all over it.

  6. Suse - it was a little odd. It was strange that the whole suburb was shut down by 7pm.

    FFichiban - that menu was insanely HUGE! So much food to choose from (your blog helped me out though).

    Susan - I'm glad I got the low down on which sauce to put on the really made it taste much better.

  7. Hmm yeah, most places in Cabra close pretty early... it's definitely a lot more happening during the day! I do love Bau Truong though. I normally get the bun thit :) I hope you get to go back to experience all the Cabra has to offer, avocado shakes and crispy skin chicken included!

  8. I love Cabramatta! It's almost like going away for a holiday :D

  9. Love your work! It always gives me serious food envy from good old Broken Hill :)

  10. Betty - I just thought Cabra would be busy until all hours on a Saturday night. It was a bit like visiting a country town. We will be back the new year when life is less crazy! I Like bun thit is what I get most of the time at Vietnamese and I LOVE it.

    Jane - sorry! I know how much your mouth must be watering. You have been to a few great places though that I've never even ventured near. One day I'll get to Billy Kwongs.

    Lorraine - Cabramatta is totally like visiting another country which I think is so amazing!

  11. I love you - thank you for the kinds words on my site!!!!

    Everyone one can cook - I am just the test kitchen for you all!!!!!

  12. Cate - ha ha! No worries. I really think it would be good to have all of your recipes in a book....easier for me to browse that way.

  13. Awww... It's a shame you didn't get to try Tan Viet, all the more reason to go back for more next time!

    Yeah Cabra kinda operates like that, we are early starters (this is how it is in vietnam, everyone is up and shopping around 6am every morning), so most of the restaurants are open around 8am.


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