Thursday, December 09, 2010

SWEETNESS The Patisserie, Epping

Yay! I have a fan! And she’s bought me a little foodie present.

Well, to be more precise The Boy has been forcing a work colleague to read and comment on my blog since day one in an effort to make me feel like he wasn’t my only reader (or maybe to take the commenting pressure of him).

And as The Boy knows “my fan” really well I have full faith that my foodie present is not laced with poison in attempt to paralyse my fingers so I can blog no more. 

Anyway….my fan “The Peanut Gallery” has given me a Marshmallow sweet treat from SWEETNESS The Patisserie in Epping.   Whoop!

Who knew that Marshmallows came in flavours other than the pink and white ones you see in the bags at Coles or Woollies? Not me, that’s for sure.

The hand made SWEET Mallows from SWEETNESS The Patisserie come in a staggering array of flavours, and I have a sneaking suspicion that The Peanut Gallery may have tried more than the just the Lemon and Lime flavour I’ve been gifted with.

All up I’ve counted 24 different flavours on their website.  And if that is not enough they also have individual SWEET Chocolate Drizzled Mallows. Sugar Coma.

How I love thee SWEET Mallows, let me list the ways:
  1. Strawberry  
  2. Raspberry  
  3. Jaffa  
  4. Blueberry  
  5. Maple and Lime  
  6. Chocolate  
  7. Toasted Coconut  
  8. Black Currant & Vanilla Swirl  
  9. Mocha  Creamy Orange  
  10. Rose Water  
  11. Passionfruit  
  12. Guava  
  13. Lime  
  14. Espresso  
  15. Sour Cherry  
  16. Lime & Coconut Swirl  
  17. Lemon  
  18. Mango  
  19. Brown Sugar and Cinnamon  
  20. Lavender  
  21. Strawberries and Creme  
  22. Vanilla Bean  
  23. Lychee Rose  
  24. Raspberry and Passionfruit Swirl.
SWEET Mallows are available in various pack sizes from small 2-packs through to 385 gram bags. Gobble gobble.

SWEETNESS The Patisserie is at 38 Oxford Street, Epping

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