Friday, October 26, 2012

Make it possible to end factory farming

I know I bang on a bit (a lot) about eating-free range and avoiding factory farming, but it's for a very good reason.

Did you know that the majority of pork, poultry and egg products we eat are raised in factory farms?  This means that nearly all the egg, pork + poultry product we consume come from animals that aren't treated as animals but as a "unit" in an intensive production system. They don't live outdoors in green, rolling pastures but are housed in overcrowded indoor systems, many never seeing the light of day until their trip to the abattoir arrives.

Animals Australia this week launched a new campaign that they hope will put an end to factory farming in Australia. The campaign is aimed at opening our eyes to what goes on behind the closed doors of factory farming so we, as consumers, can make kinder choices.

Have a watch of the video - it explains a lot and for some people the information within will be a revalation (believe me, until a year ago I had no idea this was how these animals lives. No idea).  And then what?  Make a pledge to help change the way we treat animals, all animals, in this country.

Be a voice for animals at

It's OK to eat meat and eggs, but as consumers we have the power to make kinder choices at the checkout.  We have the power to help end the suffering of animals in factory farms.  Now that we've seen that the layer hens used to produce caged eggs are kept four to a tiny cage, why wouldn't you buy free range eggs?  It's a no brainer isn't it?

And what I am going to do?  

I pledge:
  • Not to support factory farming
  • NEVER EVER EVER to buy cage eggs. EVER.
  • To buy free-range eggs, poultry and pork.
  • To eat less meat. 

For more information visit Make it Possible.


  1. Hurrah, so great of you to spread the world. I wholeheartedly support this campaign, it's one of the main reasons I'm vego. A bonus for those who can donate - you get stickers and a shopping bag as a thank you!

  2. I think of you every time I see that wonderful ad with the flying piggies. Well done on your mission to give the animals a better life.

  3. I am crying into my tea after watching the video (I'm very emotional). Good on you Mel for posting this. I made the decision a long time ago to only by free range eggs and now I don't even regard the rest. And although I try, I will make sure to pay closer attention to where my meat is coming from.

  4. Tara - I'm 110% behind this campaign! And I'm donating again as I'd like a plush piggie for my desk at work.

    Bel - I think together we really can put an end to this!

    Anna - I bawl even just thinking about it and find any footage very hard to watch. But it's not just a movie..this is the real & horrible life that animals are living RIGHT's frigging unbelievable!

  5. This is certainly a cause that I feel very strongly about. Free range/organic eggs are perhaps the easiest way to buy ethically farmed produce

  6. Good one you for raising awareness!

  7. Good on you for promoting such a good cause. I only buy free-range eggs and I try as much as possible to buy free-range pork because I've been to an intensive piggery and it's very disturbing. The poor pigs (who have the intelligence of a three-year old child) live in very cruel conditions. It's just not right xx


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