Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Guzman y Gomez, Crows Nest + Newtown

Miss Piggy dined as a guest of Guzman y Gomez.

I've sadly never been to Mexico so I really have no idea what "real Mexican food" tastes like. Ergo, I do not know if the food at Guzman y Gomez is authentic or not.  Nothing is covered in tonnes of melted cheese, and the Burittos have rice in them...so that's pretty authentic sounding to me. What I do know however is that every single Guzman y Gomez store I've ever been into is packed to the rafters with Spanish speaking employees, so that's got to be a good nod towards authenticity (no idea if they're Spanish or Mexican, but that's not the point really.  I have no point, it's just sometimes it's hard to start off a blog post so this seemed as good a way as any).

I was lucky enough to be given a few vouchers that allowed me to eat at Guzman y Gomez THREE times. Arriba!  I was meant to wait until The Boy and I could hit up this Mexican canteena together but we never got it together so I took VegeTARAian instead. You snooze you lose.

My first visit was to the Crows Nest store and we kicked things up with some snacks.  The delicious guacamole + corn chips ($5.00) seemed like a good place to start. The corn chips are quite salty which I LOVE and are not the artificial yellow colour of those Doritos we're all addicted too.  Tara and I also shared the Barramundi Quesadillas ($7.50 for 2). I was really happy to see a fish option on the menu as it meant a few more options for me, the Selective Carnivore. The Barramundi is sustainably farmed too, so props to Guzman y Gomez for that. 

The Burritos here are HUGE, but I had no trouble polishing off my half of this Veggie Burrito ($10.50) despite all the snacks we'd indulged in. The burritos come crammed full of rice, black beans, cheddar cheese and salsa. Guacamole is normally $2 extra, but with the veggie burrito it's included. Score! We washed all of this down with some Mexican soft drink called Jarritos ($4 a bottle). I love the Mandarin flavour, but the Guava was a tad sweet (I'm sweet enough).

Fate had it that The Boy and I were back in Guzman y Gomez territory a few weeks after Tara and I betrayed him at the Crows Nest store.  We were just looking for a quick bite to eat so both choose the Mini Burrito option ($6.50) which is perfect if you have a small appetite or aren't looking for a big burrito feast.  It was the Barramundi Burrito for me and the Chicken Burrito for The Boy. 

It seems to be apparent that I have developed a "thing" for the Barramundi at this place as it's not long before I am back (at the Newtown store this time). This time I opt for a Burrito Bowl ($10.50)...or Naked Burrito...or Burrito without the wrap...or Gluten Free Burrito.  Call it what you will, but man this stuff is GOOD - it's basically just a huge, rice filled salad that will keep you going for the rest of the day.

Sadly the vouchers have now run out...but I'll be back and spending my own coin on MORE Barramundi goodies.

Guzman y Gomez are all over the place - check out their website for locations.

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Guzman y Gomez Mexican Taqueria Newtown on Urbanspoon


  1. I've been meaning to visit the Newtown store, those photos are making me hungry.. plus I'm addicted to the mandarin soft drink!

  2. This all looks good especially the Burrito Bowl. I have never eaten 'proper' Mexican!

  3. Love oversized burritoes! Worth checking out the Original California Burrito Company. Their chilli burrito is the bomb diggity.

  4. I tried the one in Newtown with the hubs, but we didn't love it. It was ok, but not awesome. Saying that, I want to try the barramundi burrito now. Maybe it's cause I had pork, I don't really like to eat too much meat.

  5. I absolutely love Guzman Y Gomez. It has got to be my favourite fast food place to have mexican (so far). Thankfully I've got one in a foodcourt right nearby work. I love their burritos - always full of flavour. Their nachos are probably the best nachos I've eaten as well!

  6. This place is in the comfort food zone, for sure. Love the fact that you can get a Corona with your burrito, too!


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