Sunday, October 14, 2012

Freda's, Chippendale (maybe)

You know I actually have no idea what suburb Freda's is actually in. I mean, it's right near Railway Square at Central, but is Central even a suburb? Is it technically Redfern? But how can it be Redfern if it's basically on the doorstep of Central station? Actually now that I think about it Freda's is probably in Chippendale...maybe, but probably not Surry Hills.  Wherever it is, Freda's is TOPS!

My fellow workers at the cubicle-farm where I spend my weekdays decided it was high time we ventured out for a lunch together and whoever picked Freda's picked a winner.  Freda's is a large-sized "small bar" that doubles as a Canteen during daylight hours. It's housed in what looks to be an old loading dock and fitted out in the standard retro/shabby/industrial that is all the rage these days.  It's cool and I like it. A LOT!

The lunch offerings seem fairly basic upon first glance - just sandwiches + salads.  But these are not just any old sandwiches + salads.  Sandwiches fillings like Muscovy Duck or Wagyu Corned Beef takes things to the next level. Teamsters that had the Muscovy Duck sambo were beyond impressed at the wonderful flavours and all muttering words of lunchtime delight. And...all the sandwiches came with a little bowl of olives...cute.

We're told that the meat is all free range, but I'm still not 100% convinced (or even 50% convinced) that Bungalow "Sweet" Pork is actually pasture-raised. So whilst the Roast of the Day, Porchetta with Crackling, is pretty tempting (esp when it arrived on the table for somebody else) I decided to go for the Smoked Trout Salad with Kipfler Potoats + Roasted Peppers which was DELICIOUS.

From middle photo: my trout salad; Porchetta; Corned Beef Sambo & the Muscovy Duck Sambo.

Freda's has a lunch special - where you can choose a glass of wine OR dessert for an extra $5. The sweet tooth's in the team couldn't go past something sweet to finish up the meal.  And because I'd just had a salad for lunch (ok, with a kinda oily dressing, but it was a salad none-the-less) I enjoyed a taste of both desserts.  The enormous slice of Jaffa Cake was big enough for everyone to try, but it was the moist apple torte, caramelised full of fruit + nuts,  that was the favourite.

Freda's is a great Friday lunch spot - big, relaxed, with really friendly staff and a cool vibe. The great tasting food makes it a must re-visit I think.

Freda's is at 107-109 Regent Street, Chippendale/Central/wherever.

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  1. Sounds cool Miss Piggy, love the little bowls of olives.

  2. This almost reminds me of Fette Sau in Brooklyn, NY. Well, the set-up does, anyway. I reckon I'd be ordering the porchetta before anything else but sadly it's just a little too far for me to drop by for a weekday lunch.

  3. All I want to do right now is to pop that egg and let all the yolk ooze out!

  4. Love the dishes here, especially the meatballs and the corned beef. It's a shame they're only open for Fridays lunch, but nights attract a great crowd, mostly students and locals.

  5. What a lovely feed you had. It definitely looks like a place for comfort. It's got this homey touch to it.

  6. Oh this does look really nice! I love the idea of Muscovey Duck and Wagyu... especially for an indulgent lunch! YUMMY!
    Oh, I nearly forgot to mention... you have a blogging award on my site xx

  7. oooo i had a really good meal at Freda! had the suckling pig and the tongue was really good!

  8. Great find! Those sandwich fillings sound VERY tempting..

  9. I have driven past here so many times and have wondered what it is like. I would call it Chippendale, I think :p

  10. Thanks - from a fellow cubicle farm worker. Word of new lunch spots that get you out of the work slot are always welcome. Love the sound of this menu.

  11. What a great little place! I must go check it out, but which dessert to have?!

  12. Urban Hippie CowgirlOctober 18, 2014 at 7:39 PM

    Looking forward to trying this place. Seems like a strange way to start and end a review when a Google search will confirm Freda's is in Chippendale in less than 15 seconds. Not to mention the first photo at the top of this page shows a sign outside Freda's with their address. Trying to reach a minimum word count perhaps...


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