Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Sushi Bay, Parramatta

To say I was excited when I discovered Parramatta's answer to Sushi Train, Sushi Bay is an understatement. And to say that I LOVE a good Sushi merry-go-round would be an understatement of monumental proportions.

Case in point: when I was moving out to Broken Hill in 2005 it wasn't so much the isoloation of living in this outback town that had me worried - it was my proxmity (or lack of it) to sushi of any kind.

It is a five hour drive from Broken Hill to the nearest sushi restaurant.  Yes, you read correctly, a five hour drive, isn't that terrible?  In a pre-move panic I ate Sushi EVERY SINGLE NIGHT for two months hoping that I'd make myself so sick of it I wouldn't give my true food love a second thought.  It didn't work of course - I pined for little plates of sushi on a conveyor belt for three years.  Everytime I came back to "The Big Smoke" I overdosed as much as could, but my cravings never went away.

So, I think it is totally understandable that I'm very excited to have a Sushi train within a 20 minute walk of my house.  It's bliss.  Especially when I hop off the train on a night when The Boy isn't going to be home and I can duck into Sushi Bay for a quick and tasty dinner.  It's not the most gourmet sushi in the world and it won't win any food awards, but I love having this place so close to my home.

Sushi Bay has all of the usual suspects and they are all very tasty as well as being reasonably priced.  If you don't see something you want on the conveyor belt they are more than happy to make it for you fresh.

First up is a Tuna Ship, a bargain at $3.00 a plate.  The tuna salad is lovely and fresh, not dry at all and not with too much mayonnaise.

Next up is one of my all time favourites, Soft Shell Crab Roll ($4.00).  Can you believe I'd never had (let alone heard) of Soft Shell Crab until I moved back to Sydney in 2008.  I love this dish so much I had two plates.

I'm also very fond of another relatively new discovery, Dragon Roll ($3.50).  Sushi Bay's version of the Dragon Roll comes adorned with a beautiful pickled radish, and some cream cheese innards.  I love the cream cheese and the way the soft creamy texture coats the inside of the mouth. It works so well with the sweet sticky sauce coating the eel. 

Last dish is a Tuna and Avocado Roll ($4.00).  This is a simple dish that works so well and I love it as it means I can indulge in more tuna salad.

Sushi Bay is at Shop 2183 Westfield Shopping Center Parramatta (at the bus interchange).  They have a number of other restaurants around the Western Suburbs which you can find on their website.


  1. Sushi every single night for TWO months??? What dedication! Lucky you're now so close to sushi; otherwise you'd be on a sushi frenzy again!

  2. i loooove the salmon aburi there! there's also another sushi train top level of westfields

  3. Not sure I could eat sushi for 2 months straight, even though I do love the stuff. I think your plan would of worked for me to kill my cravings. Glad you are now getting your regular fixes.

  4. hello dragon roll! i love a sushi break during shopping so ill try it out when oing the rounds at parra next time :)

  5. I actually use to work in Sushi Train waaaaayyyy back in the day at Castle Hill and eventually that store turned into a Sushi Bay. I believe SB gets the same suppliers as ST so they're both pretty much the same but with different owners.

    Fun trivia aside lol... I admit I'm a bit of a sushi bay girl too. They're not the most authentic or tastiest but they sure do hit the spot. Get their member card... discounted sushi the more you eat hehe.

  6. I love sushi train but hubby can hoover up 10 plates easily and then look for more so I always end up going with other friends :P

  7. always love sushi trains! so many to choose from. slurps!

  8. hehe i heart your parra blogs! I pass this place so much but never have gone in. maybe a changed of heart now ;)?

  9. I love sushi too.....your photos are making me crave it now!
    I have never been to Sushi Bay Parramatta but I have been to the one in Castle Hill and Blacktown a few times. Always been impressed :)

  10. Dragon roll is one of my favourites. Sounds like you have found a good sushi spot close to home, that's priceless!

  11. Have always walked pass this place but never ever gone in, there's a decent sushi place in Burwood close to the boy so I guess we don't go driving all the way to Parra for sushi =p

  12. I love the sushi bay at waterloo. When I used to work in Alexandria I would go there a lot for lunch. Not many people went there either which was great!

  13. Hi Joey - yep, and sometimes for lunch too! I was on a mission. I still frenzy these days though. Not cured at all.

    Hi Suze - thanks for the tip on the other sushi train. Shall check it out ASAP!

    Hi Sara - I thought for sure my plan would work, but my tummy had other ideas.

    Hi Gianna - Sushi breaks are the best...I could have at least two breaks on one shopping trip.

    Hi Karen - Gah! Wish I'd know you back in your Sushi Train days. Thanks for the tip on the loyalty card. I should definitely get me one of those.

    Hi Lorraine - 10 plates. WOW! That's impressive.

    Hi Mel - I love the selection...slurps indeed.

    Hi Julie - thanks for your hearts on my parra blogs. Give sushi bay a try.

    Hi Muppy - I'm craving sushi after look at these pics again. I'm so tragic.

    Hi Lateraleating - Their dragon roll is pretty good. I love the cream cheese I think.

    Hi Angie - I think I'm just nuts in general (LOL).

    Hi Susan - this Sushi Bay is never that crowded which is good. The Sushi Train at Bondi Junction has queues out the door - not good if you're seriously craving.


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