Saturday, February 26, 2011

Food delights at the Gulgong Show

On the auspicious occasion of my birthday this year another very special event occurs. The Gulgong Show. 

There's nothing I love more than a good show. All that food on sticks is Miss Piggy's dream come true.  The Boy and go mad at the Royal Easter Show running between the Dagwood Dogs, Cheese on a Stick, Chips on a Stick, Corn on a Stick.  And then we like to wash it all down with some "Homemade" Lemonade which clears our palate for just one more Cheese on a Stick.  Ah, happy days. 

Needless to say I'm pretty excited about the Gulgong Show as it is a fairly small country town event.  This  means less distance to walk to get all of my favourite show food treats.  And less people getting in the way of me and my beloved Dagwood Dogs.

We actually commence our show over-indulgence at the homebrew judging the night before the show opens.  The Cattle Baroness sponsors a medal in the homebrew competition, and both her father and brother have been entering their home brew for it's only right that we attend this important occasion.

The Boy is beside himself when we're told that after the judges taste the beer, all the spectators then get to have a taste as well. I bow out after about 10 small glasses of various tipple, but The Boy is in for the long haul and tastes everything that is offered to him.  Needless to say he's pretty cheerful and rosy cheeked by the end of the night.

I do get my second wind however when the Alcoholic Effervescence have their moment before the judges (that's Ginger Beers and Ciders), and I am more than a little happy when I discover that there is even a liqueurs and spirits category too.  So far the Gulgong Show is running rings around the Royal Easter Show (even though none of us could really walk in a straight line by the end of the night).

Surprisingly we all wake up the next morning with clear heads and are ready to tackle showday head on.  First stop is the Yard Dog Trials were we see Shawn the Sheepdog (yes that is his real name) doing his thing.  I think the Cattle Baroness is watching Shawn closely to see if she teach her lovely canine friend some tricks for the cattle yards.

There's nothing like watching someone else dog doing hard work to work up an appetite so
The Boy and I hit the Dagwood Dog van.  Two of these puppies set us back $10.

For those of you not "in the know" a Dagwood Dog is a battered hot dog Frankfurt on a stick. The whole shebang is then deep-fried and dipped in tomato sauce. It may sound disgusting to the uninitiated, but trust me, it's good. Really really good. They are a treat however best saved for show days otherwise you'll give yourself a heart attack from over indulgence.

The Cattle Baroness and her friend Miss L have a more refined morning tea in mind however and head to the Dining Hall for Devonshire Tea ($4.50).  The scone is enormous and doused with a good spread of jam and swerving of cream on the side. It all looks very decadent and fit for a Cattle Baroness.

The Boy and I head back outside to check out some more offerings at the show.  We venture into the Chook Pavilion, but this proves to be too much for me after being serenaded by The Cattle Baronesses roster who started crowing at 1am in the morning and finished at about 5.30am. As I stared at the crowing rosters I'm imagining them roasted on a plate with potato's...I know it's time to get outside and find more food before someones prize rooster becomes my lunch!

As rooster is off the menu (for now) we decide to partake in a Steak Sandwich ($5.00).  The sandwiches are pretty simple (white bread, minute steak, onions and tomato sauce) but boy, are they tasty.  Mine hits the spot and gives me some energy to go and do a tad more show sightseeing.

We check out some of the main pavilion which showcases all manner of arts, crafts, preserves, wool, fruit and vegetables, baked goods and cake decorating.  The Cattle Baronesses suggests we look around and get some inspiration as we'll all be submitting entries next year. Eeep!  I can't cook, let alone bake or be crafty...perhaps I can try my hand at egg decorating...

...or growing onions...

We head on over to the petting zoo and see some seriously seriously cute kittens and some groovy (non-crowing) chooks.  I dare you not to go "awwww" when you clap eyes on the cute little kitty I'm holding.

It was pretty hard to put the kittens back to go in search of more food, but in the end food trumps kittens...well, sometimes at least.  I'm desperate for something cool as the day has turned into an absolute scorcher.  I head straight for the nearest sno-cone stall and buy myself a cup of sticky, sweet, icy coolness for just $3.00.

The Boy only has donuts on his mind after getting a whiff of them earlier in the day.  He buys two ($1.00 each) and they come piping hot and served...on a stick! 

After a quick browse at a stand selling sweets we settle on some Aniseed Lollies ($2.50 per bag).  They look so festive with their hundreds and thousands decorations that they are impossible to resist.

And, of course a trip to the show wouldn't be complete without a showbag. The Boy buys our all time favourite, the Bertie Beetle showbag...amazing value.  Ten Mr Beetles for just $4.00.  I'd put up a photo but "someone" in our house has munched most of the Bettles and thrown the showbag in the bin. The Boy = guilty for crimes against food blogging.
We contemplate going to watch the wood chopping, but the heat, early morning/all night rooster serenade, and perhaps a little bit of last nights homebrew are all catching up with us and we decide to call it a day....but only after getting two Dagwood Dogs for the road!

The Boy and I had a blast at the Gulgong Show. The homebew competition was fantastic fun and not just for the free drinks.  I loved chatting to the locals - everyone was just so friendly that we felt right at home.  The show itself was fantastic...small, simple, compact and filled with local families enjoying themselves and what their community has to offer. 

I'll be back next year...with my decorated egg!


  1. I love a day out at a real country show! Great photos, the scones & donuts look especially delicious!

  2. What a trip down memory lane. I have to get myself to one of these country shows soon especially to check out the main pavilion where all those old fashioned cakes and lollies are! That dagwood dog though! definitely heart attack material ;)

  3. A close friend of mine spent her first few years at Gulgong, otherwise I'd have no idea of the place! And show food always tastes better due to the atmosphere and, I agree, most of it being served on sticks - doughnuts on a stick even?!

  4. Apologies for missing your birthday. Looks like you had a blast. Your favorites are exactly my show faves, except they missed the Tassie chips that are always at the Royal and the best chips in the whiplike world.

  5. The beer tasting sounds like the highlight for me :)

  6. So long since i have been to a country show! brought back lots of memories, though i went only as a kid so had no idea about home brew tasting :) Sounds like a super birthday.

  7. Hi Everyone - thanks for your comments (though I cannot believe that noone mentioned that cute as a button kitten I'm holding)!

    The show was such fun that The Boy and I have already booked ourselves in to stay with The Cattle Baroness for the 2012 show. Yes, really!


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