Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Doy Tao, Glebe

A work errand in Glebe fortuitously sees me over near one of my favourite lunchtime Thai restaurants, Doytao.

And as luck would have it I'm in the neighborhood where my old work buddies Miss Chicken and The Vegetarian work so it's not hard to convince them to join me for a quick bite to eat.

I probably don't eat Thai food as much as I used to, but that's only because I'm now aware of all of the other amazing cuisines that Sydney has to offer.  When I do get around to eating Thai food for a quick lunch I want it to be good and I know that I won't be disappointed with our quick lunch at Doytao in Glebe.

Glebe's Doytao a tiny hole in the wall place, so not at all like the cavernous space you'll find at their Newtown restaurant.  There are five tables that hold setting for about 20 people in total.  Get in earlier or be prepared to take away!

The lunchtime menu is not extensive - just covers all the basics really. I already know what I want so don't waste much time looking at the menu anyway.

I opt for one of their lunch specialties, Pad See Eew with Chicken ($11.90). The prices are not as cheap as they used to be when I first started going here about three years ago, but the servings are HUGE so I don't feel ripped off.

The thing I love most about Pad See Eew is the gorgeously plump, thick rice noodles.  They are so tasty as the soy sauce sticks to them like glistening glue.  A squeeze of fresh lime just enhances the flavour tenfold.

The chicken is thinly sliced and wonderfully tender. I love the sprigs of shallots and Chinese broccoli which give the dish a crunchy texture. 

This dish is probably big enough to share between two people who have a modest appetite between them. I manage to polish mine off all by myself. As I get up to waddle back to work I realise that I've probably eaten just a little bit too much.

Doytao Glebe on Urbanspoon 

Doytao Glebe is at 35C Ross Street, Glebe.  They have a number of other restaurants through Sydney. 


  1. We've driven past this restaurant so many times so thanks for this review! Now I'm hungry after seeing the Pad See Eew! :P

  2. Do you think the flavour changes between the shops? I've only been to the Newtown one and found it ok but a bit tasteless and more expensive than other restaurants of similar quality.

  3. This is our favourite go to place for takeaway! Big fan of the pad see eew too!

  4. oh It's always great when you find a great takeaway place. Thai is often done badly so it's good when it's lovely.

  5. I've only ever been to the one in Newtown, but it's a place that the husband and I keep returning to over the years.

  6. Hahaha, i tend to do that when i have thai in my lunch break too!

  7. I love Pad See Ew. It's my favourite thai noodle dish. I much prefer the thick noodles to the thinner pad thai noodles.

  8. My Thai soft spot is Pad Kee Mao - basil and chilli are a killer combo :)

  9. Love pad see eew too, but sometimes it is too Thai sweet. Looks a huge portion though.

  10. I go to Doy Tao in Newtown and it is consistent. New fave is Eat Me Thai in Marrickville

  11. Isn't there something so addictive about flat noodle dishes?

  12. Hi NQN - this place is good if you're in the neighbourhood. I'm still full from this lunch and it was last week!

    Hi Gaby - I don't think I've had the Pad See Eww at Newtown, but would assume different Chef's means different flavours...maybe, or maybe not?

    Hi Georgia - I heart this Pad See Eew. Thai on Wok (Glebe Pt Rd) is pretty awesome too. Great salads there! Have you tried it?

    Hi Gastronomy Gal - this place was a great lunchtime find...but sadly it's not a special trip for me as it's about a half hour walk.

    Hi mademoiselle délicieuse - Newtown is good as it's a big restaurant and on busy King Street. Glebe is just a little hole in the wall place really. Good for locals.

    Hi Muppy - it's so hard to leave any food on my place when I have Pad See Eew.

    Hi Susan - I think the sauces might stick better to the fat noodles so they're much tastier...what do you think?

    Hi Helen - I don't think I've had Pad Kee Mao...next time though. My soft spot is for Thai Salads...love them.

    Hi Joey - it was HUGE...bigger than my tummy.

    Hi Reality Raver - will put Eat Me Thai on my list...Niecy Poo lives there so I'm bound to get their eventually.

    Hi Tambourine - flat noodles are the best! Better than all the rest (as Tina Turner said once).

  13. The Peanut GalleryFebruary 2, 2011 at 9:44 PM

    I love DoyTao. We usually go to the one at Boronia Park and love it!!! Love the Pad See Eew too.

  14. Hi Peanut - Doytao was the first place I ever had Thai food I think. Pad See Eew was a pretty recent discovery though. I'm a bit slow on the uptake.


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