Thursday, February 24, 2011

Sakura Japanese Kitchen, Sydney CBD

They say that good things come in small packages, and this definitely applies to the cute little Japanese restaurant, Sakura.

The BFF and I end up at Sakura as our ‘plan B’ dinner.  I’d actually convinced him to come to the Malaysian Kitchen with me that was on in the city last week.  Tales of queues a hundred miles long and waits of over an hour had me worried that my dream of eating at the Malaysian Kitchen would be just that…a dream.  I did a quick walk by on Thursday night and the queue was already well over 200 meters long and the event wasn’t even open yet. Yikes.

Hmmm…I knew there was NO WAY that the BFF (or myself either, if I’m totally honest) was going to line up to eat dinner in a little laneway, on a stinking hot day, with 80 other people, no mater how “cool” I thought it would be.

So plan B is put in to action and the BFF marches me down Pitt Street towards Thainatown...or is it Koreatown?  Regardless, before we hit the stretch of Thai or Korean restaurants that occupy this end of the city we duck into the petite Japanese Kitchen, Sakura and grab a seat.  There are only about 20 or so seats in this tiny hole-in-the-wall joint, so we're pretty chuffed to grab the last available two.

We decide to share a few dishes and start off with an Avocado and Salmon Salad ($9.00). This is a lovely salad, with a combination of salad leaves, cucumber, crab meat, salmon roe and thick slices of Salmon Sashimi. The salad is drizzled with a fruity dressing and the sashimi is thick, meat and amazingly fresh. 

The Agedashi Tofu ($6.00) is a winner, but then again it always is.  I think my addiction is probably more for the dashi-based sauce and bonito flakes that dance atop the dish, rather than the tofu – but mix the three together and viola. Perfection.

We order three Sushi Rolls to share; Tempura Prawn Roll ($6.00 for a small serve), Soft Shell Crab Roll ($7.00 for a small serve) and a Ungai (eel) Roll ($8.00 for a small serve). The Sushi Rolls come with a miso soup on the side.

My favourite is by far the Soft Shell Crab Roll. The crab is super crunchy and I’m having a love affair with that lovely Mayonnaise that seems to adorn so many sushi rolls. I'm also pretty partial to the Ungai Roll - the eel is lovely and soft and falls part easily in my mouth (which is good as the weather just seems too hot to go to the effort of chewing food).

Sakura is a teeny tiny little restaurant on the southern end of Pitt Street.  The building looks a bit art-deco, with lovely little leaded windows and fancy ceiling cornices.  It’s not a good place for those of you who are claustrophobic, but if you don’t mind sitting shoulder to shoulder with other dinners then give it a try.

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Sakura is at 325 Pitt Street, Sydney.


  1. I am ADDICTED to Agedashi Tofu!! Nice to know there is someone else out there who shares this addiction

  2. This all looks delicious! I'll have to try the tofu dish.

  3. Good thing you decided against the queuing; I didn't get the chance since the 'FULL' sign went up so quickly each session. I have walked past Sakura so many times but end up buying cupcakes next door instead!

  4. Good tip! With so many restaurants in the area is hard to tell which ones are good.

  5. I like it when people like you find places like this for us. Thanks!

  6. agedashi-tofu rocks! I have walked past sakura a gazillion times but have never gone in. once again you've inspired me. ps In my mind, koreatown begins at the corner of pitt and wilmot streets, one street down from SAKURA, but i just made that up myself

  7. I walk past this place every day to work! been wanting to try it out but its always packed! mm soft shell crab roll is def on my hit list

  8. I haven't eaten here for a few years, simply coz I'm hardly around the area any more but glad to see that the food is still pretty good!

  9. Yum...this looks & sounds good!

  10. So the love for sushi continues hey? ;) Mmm can't miss out on soft shell crab!

  11. walk pass this place million of times but not dare to try it becoz of its uncomfy seating. May give the dragon roll a try

  12. Hi Everyone - thanks for your comments. The love affair with Sushi and Agedashi Tofu continues so watch this space!

  13. Ooh Unagi roll is my favourite! I love it when it comes with the cream cheese filling too. So rich, but delicious.


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