Sunday, February 06, 2011

Parramatta Park Cafe, Parramatta

Not too far from our flat is the lovely green expanse of Parramatta Park.

As well as family picnics and sitting under shady trees, people go there to run, ride their bikes or walk laps around the park.  Basically we go there to eat brunch at the Parramatta Park Cafe and watch crazy people exercise in extreme heat.   

The cafe has a lovely outdoor section over looking the beginnings of Parramatta River, a huge air-conditioned indoor area and more outdoor seating overlooking the jogging/cycling path.

The Boy and I choose a seat overlooking the exercise path...and then order burgers!  Surely eating burgers whilst watching people exercise has some calorific benefit to us, right?

The Boy orders a Hamburger ($15.00) which turns out to be a monster.

The plump meat patty is deliciously juicy and is adorned with cheese and a generous dollop of smokey BBQ sauce.  All the necessary salad elements are present and accounted for: tomato, lettuce, onion and of course beetroot which is a necessity for all good Aussie burgers

I'm not feeling in the burger mood, but the Steak Sandwich ($17.50) takes me eye.

The bread is splattered with a generous amount of savoury garlic aioli and the steak is cooked perfectly, not chewy at all.  This is no small accomplishment considering just how well done I like my steak (which is super-dooper well done...I don't mind a bit of charcoal, but if I see blood I might just faint). The sandwich also comes with a beetroot relish (the posh version of beetroot on a burger), rocket and a big fat juicy mushroom. The chips are super crispy and perfect with a shake of salt added.  

After brunch/lunch we decide to follow the lead of the fitness fanatics in the park and take our swollen burger-bellies for a bit of a walk stroll.  I'm so glad we did as we discover a Flying Fox Camp and can see the little guys all wrapped up in their wings taking their midday nap.  We often see Flying Foxes flying over our flat at dusk and it's lovely to know that they basically live next door to us.

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Parramatta Park Cafe is located in....Parramatta Park.  If driving you almost have to do a full lap before you come across the cafe, which is located in the Old Visitors Center.  It's pretty much just behind Parramatta Stadium. 


  1. This place is a bit far away from home for me but it's good to have it in mind, just in case.

  2. This is in my part of town! I have been here a few times as I work at the Childrens Hospital. I find the food is always good and the location so relaxing but it is a bit slow for the quick lunchtime meal. Its a great place for sunday breakie :)

  3. Yum Burgers..... that's what we are having for dinner....

    We had a bat weekend too - there is a bridge that they fly over in Roseville - thousands of them - and there is a house/castle right near by that has been labelled the Bat Castle!!! It's freaky seeing them all fly over!

  4. Whoah that's a great shot of the flying fox. I've had the hamburger here before - it is a monster, but a delicious one :)

  5. Looks like you had beautiful sunny weather to enhance your outdoor dining experience as well!

  6. Hi lateraleating - it's a lovely spot if you're ever in the area.

    Hi Muppy - hey, we're practically neighbours! Pity the service is not fast enough for week day lunches as it would be an awesome place to take a break in the middle of the work day.

    Hi Joey - he was very cute. Not very cuddly though.

    Hi Cate - Bat Castle! Sounds like something out of a Meatloaf video. Hee hee hee.

    Hi Helen - I was so excited to find those flying foxes! The burger looked good - The Boy had to dislocate his jaw to get it in his mouth though!

    Hi mademoiselle délicieuse - it was a lovely sunny day...bit hot though.

  7. When I used to live in Westmead I would go for a jog at Parra Park all the time but now I'm kicking myself for not trying out the burger! :)Interesting and fascinating photo of the flying fox!


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