Saturday, August 03, 2013

Single Origin, Surry Hills

I've recently decided (again) that I need a new hobby. One that is NOT food related and one that will get me away from the computer as my arm is still playing up nearly two years after hurting it at work.
I've decided sewing is going to be my thing. I've started reading piles of sewing blogs and I found a great sewing class on offer at Tessuti.  I took a day off work and headed into Surry Hills to "learn how to sew". Old habits die hard though as the opportunity to brunch in Surry Hills before the class was just too much to resist!

I've heard a lot of talk about the exceptionable coffee on offer at Single Origin and their rockstar baristas, but I've just never been motivated to go there.  Mostly as they are only open on weekdays and secondly my thing is more about the eating of the food rather than the drinking of the coffee. I'm an idiot as their food is AMAZING! The menu has a nifty little glossary (some of quite funny) that explains where all of their produce is sourced - ALL of it is free range and happy happy.  This place is the real deal when it comes to ethical produce.

First things first - coffee. Single Origin offers a myriad of coffee types to choose from and the coffee menu helpfully explain what they are all for noobs like me. You can sample everything from espresso to cold drip, aeropress and pour offer. I'm holding fast to my resolve to become a "proper grown-up coffee drinker" and order a picollo latte ($3.50) - I'm working my way up to the other stuff (that said, I've tried a few of the other methods of brewing coffee and they are good, much milder and less bitter than me an espresso).

I wanted something light for breakfast as I was still suffering from a food coma from my dinner at Meze Bar the night before.  The “kedgeree” ($15.00) sounded just the ticket - brimming with smoked ocean trout, organic quinoa (that was a little bit crunchy and totally delish), citrus + goat’s milk curd plus some slivers of hard-boiled egg.  This is the first time I've had kedgeree and I loved it - it felt so fresh, light and healthy.  When I posted my picture of this on Instagram I was told this wasn't really an authentic kedgeree (it should have rice not quinoa amongst other things) but that's OK with me.  Food should be about interpretation and putting your own slant on it I think and Single Origin have done just that with great success.

My sewing class finishes and I'm just a little bit hungry...learning to sew is hard work, especially when the very first thing I did was sew right through my instruction booklet! Whoops!

Old habits die hard and I cannot resist ordering an Iced Latte ($4.00) even though the weather is I'm never really sure what to write about coffee as I think the flavours + aromas, like wine, are quite complex.  So I'll just say that both of my coffees here were great - smooth and robust.  They were a bit strong for my palette so I added half a teaspoon of panella to each .


I'd spied their glorious looking muffins ($4.50) on my brunch trip a few hours earlier and that's what made me decide to come back for elevenses.  I was totally bummed that they seemed to have all sold out by the time I got back, but the waitress managed to find me the very last muffin in the house lurking in the kitchen.  This rhubarb and ricotta muffin is sweet + moist and hits the spot until I can find somewhere to go for lunch!

Single Origin is at 54-64 Reservoir Street, Surry Hills or pick up a takeaway coffee from the bustling hole-in-the-wall next door to the cafe called "Sideshow".  You can phone them on 9211 0665. The cafe and "sideshow" are open on weekdays only and like their website says, don't come on a weekend as you'll only be "pissed off".

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  1. I have read a lot about this place over the years Mel, the coffee sounds very good. That muffin looks to-die-for. I love the rhubarb on top.

  2. Been wanting to try their coffee for ages!!!!!! Your post is the push I need Mel!

  3. Single Origin is like the holy grail to my brother. I've never got there to eat it's food yet but it looks great. I love kedgeree. It's thought to be originally an Indian dish that was anglophiled by the British colonials. So I recon it's well open to interpretation ;)

  4. Love the coffee at Single Origin! Definitely one of the best in Sydney!

  5. That's a very fancy kedgeree - usually it's smoked haddock - but this sounds like a lovely lighter version. And yep you can't beat Single Origin's coffee either.

  6. Rhubarb and ricotta. Now that sounds fancy and delish!

  7. I'm wondering why I've not been here yet. The coffee sounds great, and there's so many others that highly regard this place too!

  8. thx for discovering all these nice places! im so jealous of your brunch adventures!

  9. i used to go here so much last year before getting back into full time work. the coffee was amazing!

  10. The rhubarb and ricotta muffin reminds me of the strawberry and ricotta muffin I used to always buy at Central Baking Depot! I must go try these :-)

  11. Definitely going to try this quinoa Kedgeree. I've bought coffee from here before on the walk in to work, but now I really want to try their food too. Thanks for the review!


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