Monday, August 26, 2013

Balcony Garden: Harvest Monday #38

Man oh man, is this basil EVER going to die? Die already, you stinky basil.

The Boy and I recently took a drive to Canberra where we visited Poachers Pantry - a winery, restaurant and smoke house. We came home with some smoked chicken breast and a recipe card for an idea of how to cook it. It was also a chance for me to cook with my favourite olives from Limestone Station (sent to me from Broken Hill by my lovely friend Jane).

As soon as I opened the smoked chicken our rent-a-cat Frankie (who we were cat-sitting for a while) came running and perched himself in prime view of the kitchen..waiting waiting waiting for me to drop some chicken onto the floor.

This recipe called for quite a bit of basil which was great as I have tonnes of the stuff that just will not die. It was also fairly quick and easy to cook. Win:Win.

I don't think this is one of my most successful cooking exploits. The sauce was too...wet, so it ended up eating like a soup rather than a pasta sauce dish. I'm also not sure the flavoured smoked chook worked with this dish.  Oh well, better luck next time,hey?

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  1. I just want my basil to not die every time I try to grow it.... :(


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