Friday, August 09, 2013

Chur Burger, Surry Hills

A recent, somewhat heart-wrenching disappointing sewing class in Surry Hills sees me seeking solace by stuffing my face with burgers...Chur Burgers to be precise.

I have no idea what "chur" even means. The chef/owner here is a Kiwi, ergo it's a Kiwi term.  The mind boggles. Perhaps it's Kiwi for "Australia seems like a wicked place, let's all move there"?  The Boy and I wonder if perhaps those Kiwi's are trying to say "char" (like char-grilled burgers) but it comes out sounding like "chur"?

I don't want to leave readers dying of curiosity so a quick foray into the Urban Dictionary in necessary.  It reveals "chur" a contract of "cheers" - like "thanks". Chur bro'.

Only a few months ago this place was a fancy-pants restaurant called Assiette. Assiette closed down to make way for a slightly less fancy-pants restaurant called Albion Street Bistro. Chur Burger sprung up around the same time as a "pop-up" in the backyard of Albion Street Bistro...until the whole place burnt down.  From the ashes rose Chur Burger, taking over the whole restaurant in what appears to be a smart move given they've been selling out of burgers nearly every day.


One of the best things to come out of NZ, besides Lolly Cake and Smokey O's BBQ is LP (Lemon + Paeroa), a delicious, sweet but lemony soft drink. I always thought "Paeroa" was some weird secret ingredient but I was told recently it's a town in NZ. 

We kick things off with a serve of BBQ Chicken Wings ($10.00) that come with a creamy, delicious blue cheese dressing.  The wings are very sweet and I think they could've done with a bit more a savoury note.  The blue cheese dressing is so delicious I basically hog the whole bowl to myself. Oink.

I have plans of working my way through the menu, but on this first visit I decide to be a traditionalist and order the Beef Burger ($10.00) that comes with melted cheese, tomato jam, mustard mayo and sliced pickles

I enjoyed my burger, though my buddy Katie said hers was too heavy-handed on the mustard mayo (it was literally oozing out the sides)...mine on the other hand was just right. This is a really good sized burger and for $10 I felt like it's a bit of a steal (especially in Sydney). The patty was good, and well done just like I'd asked for. I loved the slight heat the mustard mayo gave the burger and they were really generous with the pickles = thumbs up! The tomato jam was a nice touch and gave it a bit of a fancy pants edge over other burger places.  I think it was the salty, sour pickles that made this burger for me.

Sophie decided to order the pulled pork burger ($10.00). It was a little messy and she had to admit defeat or risk walking out with a burger in her lap - oops!  We each tried a bit of the pork which was quite sweet and not smokey like I was anticipating.

Where there are burgers there must be CHIPS!! Potato ($5.00) or Sweet Potato ($5.00)?  Or, you could get both like we did. I really loved the potato chips. The were fat + fluffy and were seasoned with a savoury chili salt. I especially loved them when I dipped them into the creamy blue dressing that we had left over from the chicken wings. The sweet potato chips were nice and I liked having a choice of two different types of chips.  They were an inconsistent shape however so some were nice + crisp and some needed just a smidgen more in the fryer.

There's been A LOT of hype about this place since it opened hence my expectations were SKY HIGH which is always a dangerous thing!  I couldn't handle another disappointment so soon after my sad sewing class.  Whilst the food didn't blow my mind like Shake Shack did, it was decent.  I wouldn't line up for an hour to eat here, but I'd happily turn up at a weird, late/early-lunch timing hoping to score a table and a feed.  Props to the staff who are VERY friendly and welcoming. Chur dudes.

Chur Burger is at 48 Albion Street, Surry Hills. Phone them 9212 3602.

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  1. Love their beef burger and that brioche bun rocks! By the way, Chur also means "awesome", hence Chur Burger = Awesome Burger :)

  2. sweet potato chips! anywhere with sweet potato chips, im there!

  3. I just visited a few days ago and I'm already craving a revisit, definitely need to try those chicken wings!

  4. This place is on my list of must tries - I hope the hype doesn't disappoint me too.

  5. $10 is great value for a burger this days. Good to know I'm not the only one who gets defeated by burgers :)

  6. I've tried to eat at Chur Burger twice - the first time it was closed (it was Sunday) and the second time they had sold out of burgers! I've never heard of a restaurant or cafe being closed on Sunday before (surely that's when they'd do half their business?! I don't know... I'm from Melbourne and it just wouldn't happen there) and selling out of burgers?! I've never heard of a restaurant selling out of food! On both accounts I'm disgruntled so I don't know whether I will bother a third attempt...

  7. I keep seeing the buzz about this place, may need to try it out soon :)

  8. It's definitely awesome value for burgers. You really wouldn't get that anywhere in the CBD that's for sure.

  9. As much as I would have liked to have tried Assiette, fancy-ass restaurants should always make way for cheap eats (assuming they're good...)

    This looks great! Those wings....

  10. I'd say it's Sydneys version of Huxtaburger. Awesome burgers, but I've had better. Chips were amazing.


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