Thursday, January 17, 2013

Farmers Markets, Wellington (NZ)

There’s no better way to explore a city than to hit the local farmers market and stuff your face with delicious, fresh and locally sourced food. And that’s just what The Boy and I did on our first morning in Wellington, New Zealand’s very own Windy City.

Fact: did you know that in Wellington the wind often travels faster than the legal 60kms speed limit.  Second fact: no matter how many layers you’re wearing the wind will still rattle your bones. Third fact: it’s a beautiful city none-the-less, so don your puffy jacket and get out there!

We were lucky enough to find not one, but two lovely farmers markets located virtually side by side. The first market was the outdoor (read: REALLY REALLY windy) Harbourside Market. The majority of this market seems to be vendors selling snacks for starving tourist like us (and locals too of course)..and that's fine with me!



At the end of the gauntlet of snacks is a rather large outdoor area with stall after stall seeling produce – a bit like an outdoor version of our Paddy’s markets. I got the “feel” that this produce was not organic/artisans – just be the sheer volume of it and then the fact that each vendor was selling exactly the same thing as their neighbouring stall holder. That said, it all looked incredibly fresh and delicious.


When then took our wind-swept and well-fed bodies into the nearby (and thankfully indoors) City Market. The market is located in a small indoor area under what I think is an apartment building on the harbour foreshore.  The City Market has loads of lovely artisan products from cheese to bread and jams and chutneys.  It was wall-to-wall people, obviously VERY popular but we found it a bit overwhelming so we did a quick lap and made a hasty retreat.


Next stop: lunch at Florditas. Let the week of eating begin!

Harbourside Market is on each Sunday, 7.30am - 2pm (Waitangi Park, Cable Street).

City Market is on each Sunday, 8.30am - 12.30pm (Attrium, Chaffers Dock Building 1 Herd St).


  1. Hiya Mel! Love this post, always great to see farmer's markets from around the world. Snooty Fruit sounds fun!

  2. I love a market post Miss Piggy! These markets look great. The whitebait fritters look tasty...I ate whitebait for the first time last Saturday. Wellington looks like a lot of fun, even with the windy conditions.

  3. Sigh. Wellington, such a great little city. Sadly I missed the markets on my last visit but I do remember how good they were a couple of years ago. The wind was insane on my last visit. Even the airport closed!

  4. The Building at No 1 Herd St used to be the Post and Telegraph Training School for linesmen and phone techs until the 1980s. The rest of the site was the city bus depot. It's much nicer now.

  5. On my only visit to NZ I really liked Wellington, but didn't get to explore its markets. Next time!


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