Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Balcony Garden: Harvest Monday #12

We've had an exciting visitor to our balcony over the last few weeks. Not a pest by any means but sometimes he can be kinda annoying! 

We've been cat-sitting this lovely fellow, Scratchy, and it's been fun to have an older cat to mind for a change.  Unlike the kittens that came before him he didn't break anything and managed to use his kitty litter tray every time without fail. And furthermore he loved my balcony garden - he'd be out their all the time sniffing the various plants.  He only tried to jump off the balcony once - pretty good odds for a three week stay at Château Piggy.

Maybe he wasn't trying to jump off the balcony, but trying to climb higher to smell this delicious sage I've been growing - it's so fragrant!  This sage is one of the few things I've not grown myself from seed as I couldn't find any seeds, so I bought some seedlings from Bunnings and this is the result!

There's quite a lot of the stuff and I'm not really sure what to do with it other than make this delicious Burnt Butter + Sage Pasta that I was taught at the Parma cooking class I attended last year.  If you have any super simple recipes incorporating sage please flick them my way!

Even looking at these photos is making my mouth water - this recipe is so simple yet SO tasty! You simple brown a pad of butter in the pan and add the sage until it goes nice and crispy. The method I was taught also incorporates adding anchovies and capers which add a nice zesty + salty element to the dish.


You can view more Harvest Monday posts on Daphne's Dandelions blog.


  1. Ooh, hope to see more of lovely Scratchy! And your sage is doing so well (sorry, I can't think of anything to make with it except burnt butter sage sauce).

  2. I too am stumped for sage recipes - other than this, although don't you use sage for veal scaloppine?? (although I don't eat veal and would need to substitute).
    This may end up on my dinner list this week *kicking myself that I didn't pick up sage from Flowerpower on the weekend*

  3. Fried sage in butter is the BEST. It's also great in stuffing recipes - you simply bake your stuffing in a pan with lots of butter, sage, onions and other bits and pieces (like dried cranberries) and then slice them up for sandwiches. Very tasty

  4. I love your balcony, it looks like a happy place! Your sage pasta looks so good! I also have sage growing but I rarely use it, I hope some of your readers have some more ideas :)

  5. Super fresh sage + Pepe Saya = heaven! Maybe the anchovies and capers were not really needed?

  6. That sage pasta is looking super good! And what a beautiful cat you got to catsit! (:

  7. Oh oh oh, I remember that sauce! Easy peasy, I must steal some of your fresh sage and give it a try

  8. Pumpkin sage and ricotta lasagne? Stuffed chicken breasts wrapped in sage and prosciutto? Pumpkin risotto or gnocchi with sage?

  9. What a happy looking cat - he looks like he found nirvana on your balcony garden. Your sage looks absolutley lush and beautiful! I love a leaf of sage fried and place on top a slice of green apple and with a dash of goats cheese.


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