Thursday, January 10, 2013

Central Market, Adelaide

Adelaide's beautiful, and historic Central Market is a food lovers nirvana. The markets have been in operation for over 140 years (!!!) with 80 stall holders offering everything from cheese, bread, eggs, meat, fruit + veggies...and a chocolate fountain that would give Willy Wonka diabetes.

During my weekend in Adelaide I was lucky enough to visit the markets a few times...if I could've packed Central Market into my suitcase to bring back to Sydney I would have. Alas, I was only traveling with carry on so I had to leave these wonderful markets behind.

Instead I shall leave you with a few happy snaps of my weekend in market paradise. C'mon Sydney - we NEED a city market like this ASAP - especially one where you can buy Gorgonzola by the SPOONFUL!


Adelaide Central Market can be found at 44 - 60 Gouger Street, Adelaide.  The markets are open Tuesday - Saturday.  Check their website for opening hours. 


  1. lovely post Mel with great pics of what is an Adelaide institution!

  2. Excellent Mel, this is my happy place you know :)

  3. I could happily lose myself for a week there... don't send a search party, I will be perfectly happy!

  4. Great post Mel, don't think we could have captured the Market better ourselves! Thanks for taking the time to visit and post.
    Cheers Claire and the Adelaide Central Market team

  5. Beautiful pictures...I can almost smell it! I love this place too. It's a feast for the senses.

  6. I love markets... Everything always looks so fresh! :D

  7. They are fantastic markets. Fantastic photos, showcases it wonderfully.

  8. Great photos! I totally agree, we need daily markets like these! :D

  9. *sigh* I miss those markets :) We def need something like it in Sydney


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