Friday, November 12, 2010

Yum Yum Bakery, Guildford

Last Sunday I cracked open my Parramatta Dining Guide in the hope of finding a Lebanese Bakery that is not 20kms from my house.

Whilst I love The Valley, it is all the way over in Dulwich Hill and it is just too much of an effort to contemplate on a lazy Sunday.  I'm also fairly sure that asking  The Boy to drive me all that way to indulge a food craving is probably pushing the friendship...just a little.

After a few minutes of perusing the dinning guide I decide that we're off to explore Guildford which seems to have not one, but THREE Lebanese Bakery's. Greedy greedy Guildford.

When we first arrive at Guildford it appears that we're on the "wrong side of the tracks" literally speaking.  Is THIS Guildford?  There's nothing here! Where are all the bakeries and sweet shops I just read about? Why are the few shops all padlocked shut? No wonder The Boy's workmate took his wife and scampered off to a new home in Penrith.

It turns out all the "good stuff" is across the railway line and we've take a wrong turn somewhere along the way.  Oopsie - I take it all back Guildford.

We quickly head on over to the "right side of the tracks" and park the car in the world's biggest public car park.  After a quick stroll up the sleepy streets of Guildford Road we settle on Yum Yum Bakery.

Yum Yum's is a cheap and cheerful kind of place with your standard lino flooring, fluro lighting, and basic cheap cafe chairs and tables.  I have a good feeling about this place.

They are obviously kid-friendly as we have to negotiate three enormous strollers and a veritable minefield of food scraps on the floor as we make our way inside.  Glad I'm not the cleaner here!

After a quick scan of the menu board, which is written in both Lebanese and English (very cool), we quickly settle on the Oregano Pizza ($1.65) as it's a favourite.  The Boy cannot believe it's only $1.65, and he's right. At this price they are practically free.

This pizza is so yummy! Just like the offering from The Valley this Oregano Pizza is a fresh tasting mix of oregano, thyme and sesame seeds on a super thin and crispy base.  It has that same zesty taste that I know and love, but cannot identify as I really don't know much about food truth be told.

Next up is the Keshek Pizza ($5.00). Keskek is a fermented yoghurt and burghol mix that is dried and pulverized into a powder (thanks Mr Google).  I love it! It has that same texture as that Parmesan cheese bread Sizzler's used to make (and yes, I loved that too).

Yum Yum Bakery wins me over 110% when I notice that they offer side dishes to accompany their pizzas.

After eating my own body weight in Tabouli the other night at El Jannah, I know that I need something other than Tabouli as our side option.  The guy behind the counter suggests a plate of Kabis ($4.00).  The Boy and I nod in agreement even though we have no idea what it is!

Our Kabis arrives and it is a colourful plate of pickle vegetables - exactly what I feel like snacking on between pizza slices.

The plate is filled with pickled gherkins, pickled turnip (or it could be radish or even swede, who knows), pickled green chillis, olives and fresh tomato. It's lovely and I'm pleased that the vegies are not too salty.   The turnip/radish/swede is crunchy and has a mild taste that is very moreish.

As we leave Guildford I declare that I've found new Lebanese Bakery to love.  I also declare that I wish I was Lebanese so I would have a Lebanese family to make me this yummy food all the time.

Sorry The Valley, but I'm sure you'll understand.

Yum Yum Bakery is at 273 Guildford Rd, Guildford.

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  1. I LOVE the pickles!! They look so appetizing. Have you been to anything closer to Parramatta though?

  2. Very interesting bakery! Thanks for sharing.

  3. omg the parra dining guide my hood *saves* thanks for the link (tweeted this was going to mention a thanks to you but can't find your twitter!). Oregano Pizza why hello there!

  4. Hi Tambourine - the pickles were so good! The only place I've been to in Parrmatta that has Oregano Pizza (but they call it Zaatar) is Mediterranean Kitchen (327 Church St). They do a lot of different Mediterranean Food though, so it's not a Lebanese Pizza!

    Hi Ellie - no problems with sharing! My tummy is always happy to help out.

    Hi Julie - I haven't mastered the art of Twitter yet...I just don't "get it", but I'm working on it. Cannot wait for the 2011 Dining Guide to come out as I think there are a whole lot of new places around.

  5. cute place. Love some good Lebanese!

  6. Hehe that is so cute about the right and wrong side of the tracks. I must admit that I love the additional sides too! :D

  7. Gastronomy Gal - we'll be back here for sure as it was so yummy. The place next door also does good Lebanese food so I'm told.

    Lorraine - the side dishes are great and really makes it a different experience and a proper meal, not just a snack.

  8. We travel all the way from Baulkham Hills to get our lebanese from here! Great to see it blogged about!

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  10. They are the only bakery in Guildford that serve ham and cheese pizza..yum


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