Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Valley, Dulwich Hill

I am SO in love with this place I wish I could marry it. Seriously!

I heart The Valley!
I think the boy might feel the same as he suggested, and not so subtly, that we head to The Valley in Dulwich Hill for lunchtime Lebanese pizzas.  We were in Enmore for an appointment so it seemed like a good idea to me.  He's not just a pretty face folks.

My kind of party food
I was really worried on the drive over as I couldn't remember if The Valley was open on Sundays. I sent up a prayer to the Lebanese Pizza Gods (LPG) and was rewarded with a very open and busy cafe when we arrived.  Thank you LPG.

I first discovered this place about three years ago when I was living in Dulwich Hill and I've been an addict ever since.  After I moved away, sometimes the cravings would get so strong I'd find myself travelling across Sydney by public transport just to indulge. Now, that's true love.

As we wait at the counter today to place our order the boy tries to confuse me into ordering three pizzas by rattling off so many things he wants to eat that I have no idea what to order or what exaclty he's asking for (so many yummy things to choose from).

As our first choice we settle on a Half/Half ($4.00). This pizza is the best of both worlds. One half is the truly DIVINE Oregano pizza - a lovely mix of oregano, thyme and seasame seeds on a super thin and crispy base. To me it tastes zesty and fresh.  The other half is a dieters nightmare with a cheesey mix of Haloumi and Feta cheese - my two favourite cheeses in the whole entire world...together on a pizza.  Bliss.

Hello lover
Our second choice is the Meat Lahem Bay Jen ($5.00).  This pizza is a great mix of lamb mince marinated in tomato, onion and herbs. I order ours with lemon and chilli on top.

Meat Lahem - yum
The Valley is a great value for money place to eat. They do a mix of Lebanese Pizzas as well as "normal pizzas" and you can order pizzas by the dozen for your next party.

We're already thinking of reasons to come back to Dulwich Hill ASAP for more pizza goodness.  But really, do we need to have an excuse? 

The Valley can be found at 491 Marrickville Road, Dulwich Hill 2203.

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  1. to bad you figured out my evil plan...

  2. Yum! Love the look of the thin bases and the simple selection of toppings instead of when the base can't stand up to the overload.

  3. Looks good Mel, making me hungry in the outback :)

  4. Hey Jane - I've gotten so fat living back in Sydney. It's a real hazard!

    Mademoiselle Délicieuse -- the bases are great. My mouth is watering just thinking about it again.

  5. OMG! You must postpak some of that to me in QLD immediately. Pretty please.

  6. Ha ha Melissa! I used to live in the outback so I know how you feel! I think you could make the Oregano one yourself using Lebanese bread and Za'tar.

  7. Funny, I was just thinking of dropping by Dulwich Hill just recently. Never been. It's only a few stops from St Peters so I may just have to start my food tour with this place

  8. I will have to go here. Looks great for catering a large but casual get together

  9. Emma - I would seriously demolish the party pack all on my own....the pizzas are THAT good!


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