Monday, November 15, 2010

Vegemite and Cheese Sausages, Gulgong Butchery

About a year ago The Boy and I packed up our city clothes and went west to visit our friend, The Cattle Baroness, who has a property just past Gulgong (which is past Mudgee, which is past Lithgow, which is WAY past Parramatta).

As our trip fell just before Christmas one of our farm chores was to go into town and pick up the Christmas ham from Gulgong Butchery. This suited me just fine as I’m totally useless at real farm work (the previous year I helpfully weeded the herb garden only to find out that I’d pulled out all the herbs and basically left the weeds…oopsie). I knew I’d be good at collecting a ham without injuring myself , others or harmless vegetation.

At the butchers shop in town The Boy and I were very excited to discover Vegemite and Cheese Sausages. Irrationally excited now that I think about it.

We knew these babies were either going to the be the most revolting thing we’ve ever imagined (although surely that award would have to go to a Brussel Sprout Sausage), or the best thing since sliced bread with Vegemite and Cheese on it.

The butcher proudly told us they were his own invention and a massive hit in Gulgong. AND they were award winning sausages! Sold to the lady from the city!

For some reason The Baroness wasn’t convinced by our awesome, award winning, snag find even though the butcher promised us they were good! And they were gourmet. The Baroness likes Vegemite and she likes cheese, I just don’t think she was convinced about them being married together in a sausage skin casing. She was even dubious when I promised that EVERYONE in Gulgong like them…EVERYONE.

Friend or foe?
So the snags went into the fridge and somehow we totally forgot about popping them on the BBQ that night. The next day we hightailed it back to the city and have wondered about the Cheese and Vegemite Sausages ever since!

I know that it is a bit tragic that a year later The Boy and I were STILL thinking about those bloody sausages.

As we drove away from Sydney last Friday night we fired a barrage of questions at each other. What would they taste like? Would they be gross? We would love them? Would we be able to taste the Vegemite? Would they be oily due to the cheesey innards? Would the weather be sunny enough for a BBQ? Would they still be in The Baroness’s freezer – surely she has kept them for us in the event that I would return one day to weed the garden again?

Sadly (or unsurprisingly really) the sausages weren’t awaiting our return a year later. A reshuffle of fridges and freezers meant that, on a sunny day in Gulgong, the sausages had met an untimely and un-BBQ’d death.

On Saturday morning I quickly volunteered to do a grocery run into town with the ulterior movie of visiting the butcher again. I have to admit that as we drove into Gulgong I was nervous that the Vegemite and Cheese Sausages may have gone the way of the dinosaur. I was desperate to know what they tasted like.

I am pleased to report sausages were happily waiting for us and, after a brief discussion with The Boy about the amount of cheese and vegemiteyness required, we purchased four juicy looking sausages. We threw them on the BBQ pretty much as soon as we got back the farm along with a few 'regular snags'. I was determined not to miss out again!

Straight to the BBQ
As the snags cooked on the BBQ we enjoyed the lovely view and thought how wonderfully different this experience was from our BBQ on the balcony at home.  Over on the BBQ molten cheese oozed out of the sausage skin and became crispy as it hit the BBQs hot plate. Drool.

Oozing cheesy goodness
 Even the chickens were intrigued by the lovely smell and the came to check things out.

Chicken + BBQ = BBQ Chicken! Run away chicken!!
 Finally the long awaiting moment of tasting had arrived.

The Baroness and I agreed to have one snag each and The Boy could have two as he’d be sent off to do proper farm work later on and could thus work off the cheesy calories. I supposed a fairer distribution would’ve been one for each of us and one for the dog! Sorry doggy.

I was expecting cheese to ooze out of the sausage when I bit into it, but it seems that it had either melted into the sausage during the cooking process, or all over the BBQ hot plate.

These sausages were really really tasty and I’m so sad that I only had one. The taste of Vegemite was only apparent every now and then, and not as obvious or as strong as I had thought it would be. The snags did have a saltiness to them that I’ve not noticed in other sausages, as well as tasting rich and meaty.

We had also cooked a ‘regular beef snag’ each so we could do a snag comparison. After eating the yummy, salty, crispy Vegemite and Cheese Sausage we all agreed that regular sausage just didn’t cut it.

The Baroness’ verdict = yum yum yum!

I know Gulgong Butchery do home delivery, but I wonder if they'd come all the way to Sydney for two Vegemite and Cheese Sausage converts.


  1. That's awesome Miss Melba, you're a true gourmet Evel Knievel. Lol at the BBQ chook :-)

  2. I am an Evel Knievel aren't I! So glad I was a food dare devil and tried these snags as they were a total winner!

  3. If you're the Evil Kenevil of culinary blogging, that what does that make me?? A Crash Test Dummy??

  4. Cheese sausages! Yum! A shame that it didn't the molten goo inside you were expecting, and using Vegemite is genius :)

  5. Hi Helen - they were yummy despite the lack of cheese ooze. I have no idea what the vegemite actually added to these snangs in terms of foodie flavours, but man they were GOOD!

  6. I would definitely try these! I love Cheese and Vegemite and sausages are definitely a great vehicle for this flavour!

  7. Hi Susan - I had no idea that these sausages would be so yummy. I really would love more this weekend, but it's a 500km round trip...bit too far I think?

  8. I dont' know anyone who eats as many sausages as the Cattle Baroness. She was bound to be won over!

    from The Cattle Baroness' Sister

  9. Hi there sister to the Baroness - I'm hoping the fridge will be overstocked with these babies the next time we visit. Sooooo good - I hope you give them a try at X-mas!

  10. Very excited that Melba Toast and The Boy are returning in just 2 weeks. Hoping they stop in at the Gulgong' butcher on the way here... Must remember to keep Ms Toast away from the herb garden, which has now recovered to pre-visit health.

  11. Hi Baroness - we sure will be stopping by the butchers on the way to yours - we've unpacked the esky already. I've moved on from the herb garden...I have cattle to herd.


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