Saturday, September 28, 2013

Parramatta for Foodies this October

It seems that Parramatta is getting a bit of a reputation as a burgeoning foodie destination. Whilst I was off gallivanting around Europe (and eating all of their food) the Sydney Morning Herald's Good Food supplement ran a blurb on Parramatta. Of course anyone who's alive, living in Sydney and a cafe lover has heard of Circa, but the article also mentioned other foodie gems like the newly (re)lauched Farmer's Markets (each Friday in Church Street Mall).

I'm going to let you in on a little secret food lovers...October is going to be a good food month for Parramatta. There's Pop Up dinner scheduled in one of our many arcades and another year of the Parramatta Lanes festival!

I absolutely LOVED the relaxed vibe of last years Parramatta Lanes and cannot wait to check out all the great food stands, and pop up venues at this years gig. CANNOT.WAIT! I also have it on good authority that my BBQ BFF, Smoky O, is going to be BBQ'ing up a storm at Parramatta Lanes. Like I said....CANNOT WAIT!  Parramatta Lanes is on 17 +18 and 24 + 25 October from 4.30pm - 9.30pm each night. There's more info here.

I'm also pretty chuffed that I've invited by Pop Up Parramatta to attend the pop up dinner that's happening in Connection Arcade on October 23rd.  The three-course dinner has a focus on sustainably and minimizing food waste featuring local farmers and growers with matched wines and Batlow Cider.  The arcade will be transformed by local Pop Up Parramatta artists.  I cannot wait to see how these guys transform the arcade...Geraldine from the local Prospector Store is in charge of styling and she is one stylish lady!

There's still tickets left if you're interested.

I'm not wanting to wish my life away but HURRY UP OCTOBER, I'M HUNGRY. 


  1. Loving living near Parramatta at the moment! Have you bean to the Hungry Baker Cafe yet? Have heard some good things but haven't quite made it down there yet.

  2. Good things are happening in your part of the world, love the soft serve van!


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