Monday, September 30, 2013

BaoTown pop-up @VellaNero Cafe, Sydney

On Sunday I was lucky enough to be invited to the media preview of the soon-to-be-launched BaoTown pop-up that is being put together by fellow food blogger T (aka Theresa), from the blog, The Gook.

Until a few years ago I had no idea what a Bao even was (an infliction not uncommon to most Aussie kids growing up in Aussie country towns), but in the space of a few short years I've grown to know them...and love them. A LOT. Unlike me, T grew up eating Bao -- they were practically a daily after-school treat made for her by her nan...hence the source of her Bao passion and the inspiration behind BaoTown.

The lovely T, chief Bao-ologist and mastermind behind BaoTown
So what is a Bao? You know those Pork Buns that we all know and love at Yum Cha? That's a Bao. Bao (pronounced "bow") simple means "bun"...a doughy casing for whatever inventive filling the bao-maker wishes to stuff them with.  Like all good food, it's meant to be eaten with your put those knives + forks down people and tuck in.

At the media launch we got to try all four of the savoury Bao's that will be appearing and the pop-up PLUS the two incredible sweet baos on offer. I may have snuck an extra Bao when noone was looking and just so you know eating seven Bao may be one too many. Maybe...

Miso Eggplant Bao - sweet eggplant slow roasted with shiro miso, sake, mirin, sesame seeds and ginger. Topped with a coriander salsa.
Coconut Pork Belly Bao - pork belly slow cooked for 4 hours in young coconut juice, soy and fish sauce + star anise (I may or may not have had two of these. Don't judge)!

Yellow Chicken Curry Bao - fragrant chicken curry made with turmeric, curry leaves, fish sauce and coconut cream (sadly I could not fit in two of these - my stomach let me down).

Beef Bo Kho Bao - traditional beef stew slow cooked in soy sauce, tomato, lemongrass and cinnamon.
From my limited Bao knowledge sweet fillings in Bao isn't uncommon, but T took her sweet fillings to a whole other level. Behold the Molten Chocolate Bao (you can put in a drum roll there if you like cause I think it's kinda worth it).

On first glance it looks innocent enough - some pastry wrapped around some chocolate. No big deal. But then you bite into it and a river of glossy, oozy, molten Marou chocolate runs out like a river of sweet silk.  This baby sh!ts all over those Nutella crepes I was scoffing in Paris a few weeks ago.


The Lemon Polenta Bao is also pretty dang great, especially for those people (like me) who love the tart zinginess of a bit of lemon in their food.

As the pop-up is being hosted by CBD cafe + coffee roasters Vella Nero we also get to indulge in some fine Vietnamese Iced Coffee (which I REALLY appreciated as I'm still feeling a tad jet lagged and still on London time).

So what are you waiting for? It all sounds delish, right?

The first BaoTown pop-up is being held on 12th October at Vella Nero, 259 Clarence Street in the city between 10.00am - 5.00pm.

There is also a November + December pop-up on the cards.

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  1. Now all I want is Bao - and I haven't even had breakfast yet...

  2. YUM! Looks amazing, especially the chocolate one!

  3. I loved the instagram photos you all fed me on Sunday! I am currently hatching a plan to book in on the 12th (if I can get a spot) as it all looks amazing!

  4. eat ALL the baos! They all looks amazing & the miso eggplant bao sounds wow!

  5. So quick!!! How good was the chocolate one mm

  6. Quick recap mel and very informative! Lovely to meet you (again) and I def ate all the baos. You killed me with bao chicka bao wow wow! hahaha. best!

  7. Droooling over the molten chocolate! What a fabulous idea. Love it when these modest little bao's get a bit of experimental time!

  8. Was a shame to be unable to attend this, but was watching from afar via social media. all looks delicious.

  9. Oh wow what an awesome way to fuse Asian and Western flavours together to form one!

  10. Oh wow, these bao look incredible! I grew up eating bao as well, but these are definitely some different flavours that I haven't encountered before.

  11. Such an intriguing offering of flavours! I don't think my grandma would know what to make of these! lol


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