Monday, September 09, 2013

Balcony Garden: Harvest Monday #40

Give peas a chance!

This is my second year growing peas. Like the beans that I recently harvested I um'd and ah'd about whether to plant them. After all, it's a lot of effort for what ultimately amounted to a soy sauce dish of peas.

But man, they were TASTY. Picked off the bush and eaten straight from the pod these little peas are sweet and much better than a lolly any day.

I decided to wait until all the peas were big enough to harvest at once...otherwise I would've been cooking with 3 peas at a time.  I think I waited a little too long however as some of the peas were a bit yellow by the time I harvested them. Not to worry -- they still tasted great.

So what do you do with a soy sauce dish overflowing with peas? It seems only fitting to throw them into some fried rice.  I recently saw Marion Grasby (aka Masterchef Marion) cooking at the Good Food + Wine Show and she said she NEVER puts peas or ham/bacon into her fried's sacrilegious to do so. That may be all well and good but peas and + ham are pretty much a staple in an Aussie households fried rice...and carrots, and maybe some capsicum. 

So close your eyes Marion as here is my Aussie Fried Rice full of peas and free-range ham! And it was DELISH!

So tell me, what do you put into your fried rice? Do peas + ham make a regular guest appearance?

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  1. Ha! Peas and ham are often used in Peruvian households, too. Some use frankfurters instead of ham. I know!!!

  2. I always have peas and ham (and corn!)- but I love adding shredded lettuce or cabbage too, for a different texture and moistness

  3. I enjoy a similar experience. We love home-grown vegetables! This goes well for my lifestyle as well as it’s easier to prepare vegetable salads and healthy finger food menus for my family.

  4. I always put in ham, bacon or spam, sometimes chicken, always peas + onions, loads of garlic. Sometimes I'll add in some of those crispy fried onions too, and bean sprouts if we're in the mood for those. Yum!


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