Monday, September 02, 2013

Balcony Garden: Harvest Monday #39

Just for something different for today's Harvest Monday I thought I'd write about...parsley! I know I know...enough is enough! I'm thinking the parsley is going to cark it when I abandon it for a month to go traveling, but in the meantime it continues to grow, endlessly...although it is getting a little brown around the edges. Too much water perhaps...or not enough? Who knows with gardening...plants are fussy things.

Once I've picked off all the dead bits and chucked them over the balcony for the birds my parsley is washed and chopped and becomes designed to be another dinner-time garnish!

I've stumbled across a recipe for a bean + chorizo stew that's become a bit of a winter regular in our house. It calls for boiled potatoes, but because I'm totally lazy my beloved canned potatoes make another guest appearance in the kitchen. Why cook potatoes from scratch when you can open a tin I saw! No really, I say that. A LOT!

This dish is another one-pot wonder - my most favourite way of cooking. I find coking one-pot meals quite stress-free and The Boy likes them too as it means less washing up for him.

And there you have it...another one-pot wonder/winter warming!  Oh, an excuse all the food splatter on my strategically placed tea-towel! Things get a bit messy in Miss Piggy's kitchen!

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  1. Oooh aaah, I've never used tinned potatoes! Must be handy to keep in the cupboard for emergencies

  2. I'm sorry, did you say canned potatoes?!! Why have I never heard or seen these before!!! What a revelation, I HATE peeling potatoes. I have this phobia of my peeler from the one time many years ago the slippery sucker slipped through my fingers and I sliced my skin. Freak accident I sure, but I tend to just use brushed potatoes instead the last few years. I'm so hunting down a can tomorrow morning

  3. I haven't had edgell's tasty taters since I was a child :D I find potato peeling strangely cathartic though!!

  4. The parsley looks great!! And I have to say I've never even heard of canned potatoes! Mind. Blown.


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