Friday, August 23, 2013

The Adventures of Miss Piggy: Balcony Garden: Harvest Monday #35

This is the last of my gifted-to-me-by-a-colleage cos lettuce before I had to uproot and eat it before the monster broccoli took over. It's the most successful lettuce I've ever grown so I think my colleague certainly has a green-thumb.

I spotted this recipe for vegetarian san chow bow on Cats Love Cooking blog. Chanel has recently become a vegetarian, and I'm pinching a lot of recipes from her as tests the waters of vegetarian cooking. This recipe replaces regular mince with "Quorn Mince" - a vegetarian mince made from a fungi protein called mycoprotein. Chanel contacted Quorn and found out that their mince uses free-range eggs whites to bind the mince together. Nice one Quorn.

This san chow bow was really REALLY easy to cook...and if you know anything about my stress levels in the kitchen then you know for me to say that it must be super simple.

And the verdit? Delicious!

Just like the Quorn Cheeseburgers we made recently this mince tasted just like meat to both The Boy + I. I thought if you didn't know this wasn't meat well, you just wouldn't know! I'd like to make this meal again -- perhaps just with rice now that we're fresh out of #balconyGarden lettuce.

 You can view more Harvest Monday posts on Daphne's Dandelions blog.


  1. im not a fan of sang chow bow because of the mince but this vego version sounds like the way to go! yummo!

  2. Look at all that beautiful greenery! I wish I had a green thumb :(

  3. Funny because I don't like quorn much because it tastes too much like meat to me - but I do love your lettuce and san chow bau is a great recipe to feature it.

    Am jealous of you being on the way to Paris - have a great time


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