Monday, August 12, 2013

Balcony Garden: Harvest Monday #36

Ah, guess what? I'm cooking with my #balconyGarden parsley...again! This stuff just WILL NOT die despite my intermittent watering now that it's dark outside when I get home.  The darkness factor is nothing compared to the fact that we've just found out that our balcony is "raining" into the balcony below which is putting a halt on gardening pursuits until it's fixed....le sigh. I've not planted anything new in AGES and I'm letting most things die off as the water issue is...well, it's an "issue".

Anyway, balcony calamities aside I'm pretty much using parsley as a garnish on anything that sits still long enough in the kitchen to be garnished!

Now that the weather has plunged us into the depths of winter I'm really loving cooking hearty, one-pot meals.  I'm going into full lazy cook mood and using tins of beans + canned tomatoes like they're going out of fashion!

I recently re-discovered a hand-written recipe in my recipe folder for a "sausage + white bean casserole" that I probably haven't cook in about 10 years. Just like fashion, it's back in vogue again!  There was a bit too much liquid in the casserole (yes, I probably mis-read the instructions yet again) so I just added in some cous cous to soak up some of the moisture and voila, dinner is served!

I love how a sprinkle of parsley can added a much need pop of colour to an other rather beige looking dish...tasty but beige non-the-less!

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  1. A shame about the balcony leakage. Hope it gets fixed soon!

  2. oh no! hope your garden gets fixed soon! i love reading about your garden adventures!

  3. Oh no balcony leakage doesn't sound like fun. Your sausage and bean casserole looks nice, I love these kind of dishes in winter.

  4. Oh dear, hope the balcony issue is resolved quickly.

  5. I love cous cous, it can fix anything, and well done for thinking to throw it in to your casserole to soak up the extra juice :)

  6. I love adding a bit of parsley to stews but I have killed off two plants and always forget to buy it when I need it - so I envy your plant.

    What a shame about the leaking. Can you water stuff and have deep saucers under then like indoor plants or do you need to water them more. Or better still offer some of your produce to your neighbour :-)


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