Sunday, August 25, 2013

Singapore Stopover

The Boy and I are enjoying (or sweating through) a brief, one night stopover in Singapore on our way to Paris. I couldn't face a full 20 hours in a plane seat and knew that we'd NEED a stopover...anywhere that would allow us to lay horizontal to sleep would do.

When our plane landed in Singapore, we literally DUMPED our bags at our hostel, jumped in a cab and headed over to the chaotic, yet tasty Mankansutra Gluttons Bay, an outdoor hawker centre feature all of Singapore's top hits when it come to street eats.

Sadly the stallholder here had stopped serving her kaya toast with the soft boiled dipping egg so I walked away extremely sad faced...until I spotted a Toast Box near the taxi rank on our way home. Yes that is a BIG slab of butter between two slices of white bread - there's some Kaya Jam in there two FYI.

The next day sees us killing time by wading through Singapore's stifling heat and humidity. We'd woken up WAY too early and had WAY too much time to kill before the stalls at Maxwell Food Centre opened for the day. We arrived at this large open-air food centre at about 11.30am and whilst not all the stalls were open, nearly ALL the tables were taken! I dumped The Boy at one of the last free tables and went off in search of lunch...

Tian Tian is a pretty famous food stall here at Maxwell. I think it's always been pretty popular with the locals BUT then Anthony Bourdain got his hands onto the place which means the queues are now quite lengthy with both locals AND tourists who are wanting to see what all the fuss is about.

I joined the queue and about 30 minutes later return to our table with aforementioned chicken rice. The Boy had actually thought something had happened to me as I'd been gone so long. He was wondering if it would be cool just to continue on to Paris on his own (we agreed that it totally would be cool)!

The chicken rice was good, but I liked the version of the dish I'd had the night before at Gluttons Bay -- I thought the rice was a bit more flavoursome, the chicken juicier and I liked that the bird came with minced garlic at Gluttons Bay. The guy taken my order at Tian Tian was very nice though - he gave me extra chicken as a reward for my enthusiasm...and overzealous chattiness when I reached the front of the line *fist pump*.

Whilst we were pretty full we were dying for some roast pork so I found a popular looking stall and bought a double serve of pork, no rice. This set us back SGP $8.00.

Next stop Paris...where I plan to eat my own body weight in CHEESE!


  1. Nice pics! Singapore's on our travel list for next year and Tian Tian is already on the itinerary. That double roast pork looks amazing too.

  2. Great pics! I could do with some Hainan Chicken Rice with some Roast Pork thrown in!

  3. I love your never ending enthusiasm for food experiences travels :)

  4. arghhh so jealous! the siu yoke looks awesome!

  5. Wow can't believe you're blogging while you're on holiday! Love the hawkers markets in Singapore, and I like to think that all that sweating from humidity is all fat. Hah.

  6. I'm impressed you're blogging LIVE! Love maxwell food centre - everything is so good and so cheap! I did really like their hainanese chicken.

  7. Great shots! So jealous, I didn't get to try Tian Tian when I was there. Making me want chicken rice, right now...!

  8. Oh my goshhhhhhh I'm so jelly! I am dying to revisit Tian Tian - their chicken is epic. Can't wait to hear about your Paris trip! :D

  9. Mmm, I love Singapore! It's the best place to stopover - a day and a half is more than sufficient to get your fill of hawker food, and it rests and relaxes you for the next leg of the flight. :)

  10. Singapore is so much fun for a stopover - the food, the shopping, the different neighbourhoods.... I love the shophouse pic with the blue shutters - the blend of old world and new and the cultural mix are what makes Singapore, don't you think? (Aaargh I need a holiday!). Enjoy eating your way around Paris!

  11. I haven't been to Singapore in ages, it was my second home at one stage. Ahhh the memories, love your pics.

  12. I have so many expletives on the tip of my tongue right now. The food looks so good.


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