Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Café Abercrombie, Darlington

Don’t you just love it when blackout at work means you have to take an earlier than expected lunch break? I sure know I do.

It probably doesn’t say much about my work ethic that the minute the power went out I was up off my seat and heading for the stairs.  You don’t have to tell me twice that it’s time for lunch!

I suppose in hindsight I could have done some filing, or unpacked some boxes from our office move the day before. Meh…no thanks. I’d rather eat.

I would like to point out however that I did meet two of my team mates, Witty Knitter and the Baking Lady, in the fire stairs taking advantage of the enforced lunch break.  After a quick pow-wow we decided to head off and find somewhere to eat together.

I was keen to try Café Abercrombie which I had spotted the day before on my way to the train station from my new office.  I must have driven up and down Abercrombie Street a few hundred times over the last few years and I’ve NEVER noticed it – I guess I was too busy making sure some crazy Uni student didn’t run out in front of my car and make a dent in my bonnet. 

After a quick skim over the menu I decide that I’m going to have the Falafel Salad ($9.50) so I can continue my Sydney-wide search for the best falafel ever.  The Baking Lady follows my lead and orders the same.

Witty Knitter orders a Chicken Gourmet Sandwich ($6.50). 

The Witty Knitter is beside herself to have found Phoenix Organic Softdrink that's made in New Zealand - she's made in NZ too, hence the excitment.  We all decide to order a bottle to see what the fuss is about. 

The sandwich is the first to arrive at our table and it is HUGE!!!  It is almost bigger than the Witty Knitter’s head when she holds it up to take the first bite.

The bread is thickly sliced and looks so soft and fresh.  Between the soft fluffy bread lies a mound of shredded chicken, lettuce, tomato, avocado and mayo. I’m told it’s very yummy – but it proves too big to finish.  For $6.50 this sandwich is incredibly good value.

The Falafel Salads arrive next and it is very substantial looking. The Baking Lady and I are happy with our lunch choice.

This salad is big and has a generous serving of falafel (seven in total).  The falafels are a really odd oval shape which is something I’ve not seen before.  I wonder if they are made in house or pre-bought?  Not that it matters as they are soft and tasty, but lack the usual crisp outer shell that most falafel has.   The falafel ovals (maybe I could call them flovals and start a new buzz word for 2010) sit atop of a bed of lettuce, tomoato, cucumber, carrot and Spanish onion. 

I really like the side of Cucumber and Yoghurt dressing that comes with the salad.  It is thick and creamy is the perfect accompaniment to the flovals.

I really liked Café Abercrombie.  It has that same relaxed and rustic vibe that I loved so much at Appetite Café and the staff are really friendly. 

Fingers crossed that there’ll be another blackout tomorrow.

Café Abercrombie is at 336 Abercrombie Street, Darlington.


  1. Have you tried the organic cola of the same brand? It's really good!

  2. I do love a big salad (a la Elaine from Seinfeld) and those ovals look very substantial indeed! :o

  3. The falafel salad looks great - yum! Yep, I would be outta there in a flash too!

  4. Tambourine - I don't think I've tried the Cola. Might give it a whirl at lunchtime today.

    Loraine - I love a big salad too. Elaine was one smart lady.

    Suze - I'm praying for another blackout today...they do happen quite often at my work. Finger's crossed.

    Cate - glad I'm not the only person who'd rather lunch than unpack boxes. Great minds think alike.

  5. Flovals - I love it! I love falafels, I don't eat them nearly as much as I'd want to! I hope you get another blackout so that you can find more tasty eats haha

  6. Hi Betty - I think I'm going to add Flovals to the Urban Dictionary. I'm always praying for a blackout these days...love a long(er) lunch.

  7. A felafel salad sounds like a great idea. Blackouts are great, only if you get to go home!


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