Tuesday, November 09, 2010

El Jannah Charcoal Chicken, Granville

Because I’m THE BEST AUNTIE EVER I’ve been lending my car to Niecy-Poo, as hers sits dying outside her house.

Despite my Best Auntie Ever status I just cannot face taking public transport from Parramatta to the Eastern Suburbs over the weekend as the round trip to visit my friend in Coogee would take anywhere upwards of three hours.  I love Niecy-Poo, but even The Best Auntie Ever has her limits.

Thus, a “car for dinner” exchange program is negotiated between Niecy-Poo and myself.

The deal that we’ve stuck: 

  1. Niecy-Poo drives car from her work to my house in Parramatta on Friday night.
  2. The Boy and I then drive Niecy-Poo home to her house in the Inner West.
  3. Along the way we must stop for dinner somewhere we’ve never been before.
I then spend a few days thinking worrying about where we should go as I don’t really know any good places along the M4/Parramatta Road to eat. 

After a bit of consoltation with Mr Google I come up with El Jannah Charcoal Chicken in Granville. 

I’ve totally struck gold with this place!

When we arrive the queue for service is literally out the door. El Jannah is popular…very very popular. 

I ask the lady waiting in front of me if the wait is worth it and she ensures me that it is!  She also tells me that the Garlic Dip is out of this world and that it’s not to be missed.  

We spend our 15 minutes in the queue debating on what to order.  

We settle on a Half Chicken for $10.50.  This seems a little pricey compared to the take away price of $5.90, however when you dine in the chicken comes with the famed Garlic Dip, Pickles and Lebanese Bread. 

We also grab a side of Taboulia ($5.50), Falalel ($1.50 per piece) and Hommous ($5.50).

The Garlic Dip (Toum) arrives first along with a mountainous plate of Pickles.  The Toum is beautifully creamy and I’m glad I won’t be breathing on anyone I don’t know tonight as it is incredibly garlicky.  

The plate of pickles is so bright and colourful and I’m sure I scoff nearly all of the gherkins.  The bright pink pickled turnip is so pretty, but just a bit too salty for me (which is saying something as I LOVE salt). 

The Taboulia  is next up.  I love the fresh and zesty flavour and I think Taboulia is one of my all time favourite salads. The Boy later tells me that he thinks the lemon juice hurt his tongue.  

The Hommous is arrives and it is wonderfully smooth and creamy with a lovely flavour of chick peas and tahini.  The Hommous is home to a pool of bright yellow olive oil. 

El Jannah was generous with the Lebanese Bread so we all tuck in to the dips and tabouli as we wait for our chicken to arrive.

When the chicken arrives we agree that I’ve committed a crime against charcoal chicken by only ordering a half serve.  It’s deliciously moist with a charred crispy skin that is subtly salty.  The Boy is quick not to miss a trick and grabs the last piece before Niecy-Poo or I can claim it as our own. Damn.

The Falafel is crispy on the outside and soft and fluffy on the inside.  Niecy-Poo points out it has a sweet cinnamon flavour to it. Yummy.

I love El Jannah so much that we head back there on Sunday to get take away chicken for dinner.  A whole chicken this time!  I’ve learnt my lesson.
DIY El Jannah platter at home
El Jannah is at 4 - 8 South Street, Granville.  They are open 10am - 10pm seven days a week. I have a feeling they are busy every second of every day.
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  1. hope to try ot one day. it's on my wishlist. looks so good :-)

  2. Yum, looks great, some of my favourite food & flavours! Keep up the great work :)

  3. i looooove el jannah! it's so dangerously close to where i live! can never leave without an extra tub of garlic sauce mmm

  4. there is just something about that amazing garlic sauce!! highly highly addictive, ans i absolutely slather it on my chicken and chips...so good, but I always make sure to have gum with me for after :D

  5. Simon - I hope you get there soon! It's too good to miss. I'm in LOVE with El Jannah!

    Jane - perhaps you can give this place a try when you're in Sydney...and then have some yummy Lebanese sweeties afterwards. Granville has a few nice pastry shops.

    Suse - it's WAY too close to our house too. We're already planning dinner there next Sunday night. And yes, we have a tub of garlic dip stashed in our fridge.

    Gianna - there's not enough gum in the world for the amount of garlic sauce I ate. My breath was terrible!!!!

  6. Hey, I waited long enough..... "you snooze, you lose!!"

  7. Hey Boy, Miss Piggy shares her chicken with no one! Watch out or I'll kill you with my garlic breath.

  8. You've reminded what I"m missing out on. We moved back to the country a couple of years ago and I MISS Lebanese food so much. Might be time for a trip back to the Big Smoke just to visit El Jannah.

  9. Ooo - sorry Allison! I do know how you feel as I was living in the outback for three years and it was pure TORTURE not having yummy food within stones throw from my house.

  10. Yum! Gotta try this one. BTW - Stumbled upon this post about Hawaii - http://foodboozeshoes.blogspot.com/2009/01/hole-in-wall-food-tour-in-honolulu.html

  11. Hi Mr Shawn. Thanks for the link to the Hawaii tour...what a find. It's $99 - I wonder if that's a bit much?

  12. I can't believe you only had half a chicken for 3 people! The boy is too sneaky - stealing the last bit!

  13. Peanut - The Boy is sneaky and deceptively quick. If you take your eyes off him BOOM - all the chicken is gone.

  14. Yeah $99 sounds steep - I just like the pictures :-)

  15. I love that type of meal at a lebanese restaurant where they give you everything to make a meal with. It's so cheap too!


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