Friday, November 12, 2010

The Boy eats a sad lunch at his desk

This blog originally started as a result of the The Boy and I taking photos of our lunches and sending them to each other.

I think the idea was to make the other person jealous of our yummy lunches.

I normally won the jealously challenge as I work so close to King Street in Newtown. How could my lunch not be superior?  The Boy works in an office complex in the middle of whoop whoop that only has a few places to eat.

Today the boy sends me this sad sad picture of his lunch which comprises of two chicken loaf and processed lite-cheese sandwiches, Samboy Chips and a Coke Zero.  I assume the chips and coke are from the vending machine on his floor.

I thought The Boy was on a bit of a pre-wedding diet, but I guess the Coke Zero counteracts the chips.  Plus, if he eats the chips whilst walking then they'll be basically calorie negative.

Sad sad lunch!
If you've seen my post from yesterday it will be obviously clear that my totally awesome Sushi Suma lunch beats this sad sambo lunch hands down!


  1. lol i love seeing what people eat at their desks! haha now i want chips

  2. Suse - can you have chips AND tempura all in one lunchtime? That's just too much fried goodness all in one go. I suppose if you had an apple as well it'd be OK.

  3. Go for the Samboy potato chips.
    they are soooooo good.

  4. No greens? tsk tsk tsk. Signed: your mother

  5. THere was corn relish on the sambos.... does that count??

  6. Gross! You're lunch is sounding worse and worse.

  7. I could add another tsk tsk: lunch at the desk! OHS alert!!! Lol! I'm guilty of this too, especially when I've used up my lunch break going for a run and have to scoff something at my desk afterwards... I also love the ubiquitous black keyboard that always features in eating-at-desk photos!!!


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