Monday, October 07, 2013

The Adventures of Miss Piggy: Balcony Garden: Harvest Monday #42

Before our holiday I needed  to use up the last of my sad looking snow peas. I used most of the "harvest" (I use that term loosely considering how slim the pickings were) a few weeks before, but somehow a few new pods popped up.

Some of my carrots were also starting to look like they were ready to pick.  Carrots will basically tell you when they're ready to be harvested.  They will start to rise up out of the ground and you can clearly see their orange carrotness.  They are practically shouting PICK ME PICK ME! So I did.

Last winter I'd cooked Stephanie Alexander's "simple beef stew" and I knew that my carrots and peas would be perfect for this dish.  The recipe calls for carrots but I'm sure there'd be no harm in chucking in the six peas that I'd harvested...

This is the PERFECT recipe for me.  When Stephanie Alexander called this recipe "easy" she meant "easy"! Chuck everything into one pot, pop into the oven and pull out in a few hours.

And there you have it - the perfect "still winter" casserole. I wish every dinner was as easy to cook as this. If only, hey?

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  1. Home grown carrots are the best thing ever!

  2. How awesome that you grew carrots in pots Mel! Home grown carrots taste so different to the supermarket carrots don't they? Your stew looks delicious too.

  3. Teehee love that you've become a carrot whisperer, or is that listener? lol

  4. You do an amazing job with a balcony garden. I have trouble keeping things in pots alive!! I need to depend on the rainfall... watering never happens :-0

  5. ...oh and I can never grow carrots, even in a garden??

  6. Well done with the carrots and the stew! Stephanie Alexander rocks!


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