Thursday, October 10, 2013

Chinese Noodle House, Haymarket (Chinatown)

It's not long before The BFF and are back at The Prince Centre to try "the other" Chinese Noodle joint nestled in this little complex - Chinese Noodle House.

As far as I can tell Chinese Noodle House is pretty much the same restaurant as its doppelgänger, Chinese Noodle Restaurant.  There's just a few shops separating these two eateries - but that's about the only thing that seems to separate them. The menu seems the same, as does the decor - inside and out.

The Mapo Tofu is served with rice and is a steal at just $9.50.  This dish is excellent.  It's my first time trying Mapo Tofu and I'm IN LOVE! The silken, soft tofu that had a really good savoury, salty hit and as I ate each spoonful I was already anticipating the next.  I've heard that this Mapo Tofu is often served with mince pork, but I honestly don't know how that could make the dish any better for me.

I would've been happy to continue with the vegetarian theme for the night, but The BFF was in the mood for something meaty - enter the Spring Pancakes with Beef ($8.80 for two rolls). These rolls were beyond ENORMOUS - each being the size of an Indian Dosa and stuffed to overflowing with a filling of beef, beanshoots and other veggies.  They were also enormously messy and impossible to eat with chopsticks - definitely finger food. I really enjoyed this dish.

Pork + Chive pan-fried dumplings ($8.80 for a dozen). Sometimes dumplings like this can be quite oily with the filling being a bit...insipid BUT I'm glad to report this was not the case here. Each dumpling had a lovely, crispy bottom and the filling was moist and flavoursome. Two hoofs up from me.

I had a great meal at Chinese Noodle House.  Best of all it was filling AND cheap. All up we spent just over $27 for two people (AND I got to take one of the spring pancakes home to have for lunch the next day).

If I had to choose between Chinese Noodle House and Chinese Noodle Restaurant would I? Could I? No way, why choose when I can go to both. What would you choose "dear reader"?

Chinese Noodle House is at 8 Quay Street, TG2 Prince Centre, Haymarket, Chinatown.

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  1. Yummm dumplings :3

    That Spring Pancake with beef looks like an asian kebab hehe

  2. I love this place. The special braised eggplant is the best!

  3. Have been to both but I do like that there's a little bit more room in this restaurant compared to the other one. The knife sliced noodles are pretty tasty too!

  4. OMG I used to work next door, BEST noodles place in Sydney!! Loved it so much, I agree with Jarhead above, you must go back and ask for the 'special eggplant' it's AH-MAY-ZING!!

  5. Can't go past the dumplings here. ^ Also love the "fish fragrant" eggplant and hand pulled noodles. And that beef pancake sounds awesome... Yep, definitely need to go back soon.

  6. there are so many hidden gems at the prince centre, must go check out this noodle house some time soon.

  7. Ah, there's something fantastic about pan-fried dumplings isn't there? I think the crunchy bottom gets me every time!

  8. They have expanded (like my belly after eating here!) Now they have taken over the fish shop next door as well. You must try Mapo Tofu with mince pork, it takes it to a whole new level of taste.

  9. love pan fried dumprings with vinegar, best hearty combo ever

  10. Oh I love mapo tofu - I haven't had it in ages though. Those dumplings look fantastic. I could do with a plate of those right now.

  11. Heart this place so much! They really know how to make fantastic authentic noodles.


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