Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Love Food, Hate Waste pop-up, Parramatta

Miss Piggy and The Boy dinned as guests of Parramatta City Council. Thanks to Parramatta City Council and photographer Alex Wisser for allowing me to feature some of their professional photos on my blog (basically the good ones are by Alex Wisser and the terrible ones are by moi - natch).

Last week I was lucky enough to be invited to what I'm pretty sure was Parramatta's very first pop-up dinner as part of Good Food Month. It's great to see more foodie events coming to the neighbourhood.  With this pop-up and Parramatta Lanes both happening during October I have to say...Parramatta was the place to be for me.

The theme of the pop-up dinner was "Love Food, Hate Waste" and the message to not waste food was an important that we heard more about during the night from guest speaker (and flute-playing lady), Jane Rutter.

Whilst The Boy and I don't waste too much food in our household (we prefer to eat it...ALL) we could do things better - like checking the fridge/cupboards for items before we grocery shop to save on doubling up on ingredients. Often I go on memory and my memory ain't that great I have to confess. It was also be helpful to take my weekly menu plan plus shopping list to the supermarket as it may help me stay on track and not buy things I don't need. Of course I'm still trying to figure out how to make a compost bin or worm farm work in our flat so that I can get rid of food scraps that day.

Parramatta's Connection Arcade was transformed in a dreamy dining space by Geraldine Mills - owner of my favourite shop in Parramatta, Prospector Store. Geraldine used upcycled and recycled items to create a space that was both inviting and warm. I was stunned at how great this arcade looked on the night.

Parramatta's very own Leanne Beck, of Sweet Street Bakery fame pulled together what can only be described as an incredible feast. Leanne is well known for her amazing pastry skills, but I had no idea that she is such a great, all round chef.  Leanne prepared a "family style banquet" which saw our waitstaff visiting our tables with trays of tempting dishes.  The menu featured lots of hearty fare, some with a Middle Eastern twist.


We had wonderful white-sangria ciders to help the food along and I loved that the one of the chieftain's from Batlow Cider was behind the bar. I was told that Batlow Cider is a cooperative between the apple growers of the region...a pretty smart business idea really to keep demand up for their product -- and to stop so many surplus applies going to waste.

To help us keep the memory alive of our great meal each guest was able to take home their dinner plate from the event. The "flatware" was all made by a local clay artist who imprinted herbs + veggies from their garden into the clay. Really lovely stuff!

This was a great event, with a great message. I cannot wait to see what Parramatta pops-ups with at next years Good Food Month.


  1. This is awesome Mel, how fun...such a great message too. I adore the dinner plate, what a great idea.

    I don't buy many cookbooks these days but I have just bought Save with Jamie, I think you would like it too! It is full of information on minimizing food waste, meal planning, using leftovers etc. This is a subject I am interested in and can always improve on.

    I am just starting to embrace worm farming, it has taken me a while! I think it could work on your balcony. Worms do eat/recycle a whole lot of different things. Great post, Parramatta looks like a good place to be :)

  2. Definitely looked like a whole heap of fun. I do like the concept - no wastage!

  3. Aww the plates are absolutely adorable! Nothing better than anything handmade :)

  4. Love the table settings and that latticed pie looks phenomenal!

  5. What a wonderful message. The styling and food look incredible and those plates are adorable Mel!

  6. It looked great, so good parra doing stuff like this.

  7. What an awesome feed and I agree with you 210%, no wastage. My parents were so strict with me learning and sticking up this concept so there was no such thing as wastage in our household.

  8. This looks like an awesome night! And I think it's common among food bloggers - we hate waste! Eat it!


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