Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Bistro 80, Pyrmont

Eating dinner with Laura in Pyrmont means dining at her current restaurant love, Fat Noodle.  Just as I am totally, and overly obsessed with Crazy Wings and could go there every week, Laura LOVES Fat Noodle.  The healthy food and fresh flavours are pretty addictive I have to admit.

Nasi Lemak with crispy chicken wings, omelette and pandan rice
On this particular night a group of bloggers meet up for a Fat Noodle dinner - this is a great way to sample the delights from a Luke Nguyen menu without braving the crowds at Red Lantern in Surry Hills, and at a fraction of the price.

After dinner we decide to head up stairs to Bistro 80 for dessert - may as well make a night of it seeing as we're at the Casino!

The Baking Lady from Work and I decide to order one dessert each and share, allowing us to sample a few items from the mouthwatering dessert menu.  Whilst I feel a tad guilty at this indulgent end to the evening, it seems that we are as soft as they come. R and Karen opt to share four desserts, and Laura and Tammi leave us open-jawed at their order of five desserts between the two of them. Tammi tells us later that she had to talk Laura out of ordering all seven items on the menu.

The Baking Lady and I choose the Milk Chocolate Mousse with Salted Caramel and Vanilla ($14.00) as well as the Poached Raspberry Meringue with Raspberry Sorbet and Lemon Verbena Custard ($12.00).

Unfortunately, if you take 20 photos of the Milk Chocolate Mousse you get to watch the lovely Vanilla foam deflate before your very eyes, which is a sad sight indeed. Nevertheless, the mousse was delicious, creamy and as light as a feather. I was a bit sad I had to share this one to be honest.

The Poached Raspberry Meringue with Raspberry Sorbet and Lemon Verbena Custard was a lovely fresh tasting dessert.  The tartness in the raspberry sorbet and zesty lemon custard were a nice offset to the chocolate mousse we'd just eaten.

Continuing with our hardcore approach to the dessert portion of the evening we decide to try a Mocktail each (yes, a mocktail is the sad, alcohol-less version of a cocktail).  I figure that as I'm catching a late night train back to Parramatta I need my wits about me and a Mocktail is just the business to keep me clear headed.  The Bistro 80 Iced Tea ($7.00) tasks my fancy, a pretty pink concoction of vanilla, raspberry and lemon juice mixed with traditional iced tea.

The Baking Lady opts for the feisty sounding Matador ($7.00), and we fall in love with its guerrilla knitted toothpick that spears some jauntily arranged apple slices. I'm told this is a lovely drink - white peach, cloudy apple juice and homemade cinnamon syrup. Ole!

I have to say that I've never gone to a restaurant just to have dessert - asides from the odd coffee shop or two that is.  It certainly was a fun way to end the night - but I sure am glad I was wearing my stretchy tights that day!

Bistro 80 is upstairs at Star City, 80 Pyrmont Street, Pyrmont.

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  1. mmm the desserts look delish i would totally order all of them!

  2. 4-5 desserts between 2 people AFTER dinner? Those girls are crazy!

  3. fat noodle, eh?
    i can't bring myself to eat at the casino. even when i lived in pyrmont i avoided it.
    something about it just seems naff.
    looks like i've been really missing out, though.

  4. Ahahaha respect! Such a great effort lol. Im glad you got home safely ;)

  5. links my love ..?

    i loved this place for dessert, it was fun.


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