Monday, December 24, 2012

Sushi Train, Adelaide

Back when I lived in Broken Hill we'd occasionally make the five hour drive to Adelaide in order to soak up some big-city-living. Apart from Mildura, a three hour drive south, Adelaide is the closest thing to the "big smoke" that Broken Hill has.  Truth be told my main reason for wanting to visit Adelaide was Sushi Train. I wouldn't even check into the hotel on these Adelaide visits - I HAD to go straight to Sushi Train and stuff my face - the hotel could wait. When you live in a town with no sushi train you get a little...desperate.

As soon as I saw Adelaide's Sushi Train on our drive in from the airport to Eat.Drink.Blog headquarters I knew had to get my fix...for old times sake.  It was a Pavlovian response - I saw Sushi Train and started to drool.  This time though I dropped my bags off at the hotel before taking my place at the train.

Everything was just as fabulous as I remember - all my old favourites were still doing their lap on the conveyor belt. The crisp tempura prawn nigiri drizzled with lashings of sweet teriyaki sauce was as scrumptious as ever and the creamy tuna ship was still perfection on a plate.

I think Salmon Aburi is always a good choice, the salmon being scorched by the deft touch of a blow-torched which gives it a lovely smokey flavour and a creamy texture. I also could not pass up one of my favourite sushi dishes - Dragon Roll, a firmly wrapped roll of cucumber and cream cheese that is topped with eel, sesame seeds and a sweet sauce.

I had to limit sushi intake on this visit as I was off to meet some other bloggers for a sweet afternoon tea but I thought four plates wasn't too piggy.

Sushi Train is at  36 City Central Market Arcade (Gouger Street), Adelaide.

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  1. Golly, I haven't been to a sushi train for ages. Four plates is just a snack!

    1. There's a few goodies in Parra...just so you don't have to travel all the way to (r)Adelaide!

  2. Mmm yum I love sushi trains! Have you tried Sushi Hotaru in the city? Best sushi train ever! :D

    1. I sure have! It's great...I wish their booths were bigger though - my butt hardly fits into it...oops!

  3. Cucumber and cream cheese topped with eel and..My brain just froze at all the ingredients. I wish I had a sushi train right next door.

    I like having sushi at places like that. you get a lot more value for your money. This is one of the best places to try sushi if you have never had it before, since there is virtually no risk to your pocket.

    There is a wide variety of sushi for sushi lovers to enjoy and people who are new to the flavor can start off with something that is more familiar to them, than eel. For example, they can start with shrimp in their sushi.

  4. 4 plates is VERY well restrained :) they all look pretty good. I love a good sushi train.

  5. LOL you do love your sushi train! Well done on the trip down memory lane in Adelaide.


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