Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Sushi Hon, CBD

It's a sign of the Miss Piggy times that a trip into the city is met with more excitement about where I'm going to eat lunch, rather than where I'm going to shop and what I want to buy. These days I covet food more than clothes...mostly.

In my dream world I had envisaged Niecy Poo lunching at one of the fabulous new restaurants on Level 6 of the new Sydney Westfield, but it was between pay weeks and my car rego is due so we were relegated downstairs to Level 5 to eat at the food court with the regular folks.

Not that the Level 5 food court is anything to be sneezed at. This is the foodcourt to end all foodcourts with not a McDonalds, KFC or dodgy Indian takeaway to be seen. This place puts the fancy back into schmancy - with black marble and posh (foodcourt) nosh as far as the eye can see.

There is an overwhelming choice of eateries here, but in the end we settle on Sushi Hon - a sushi train that  urban legend (or Urbanspoon to be more precise) says has the longest sushi train in the southern hemisphereere...or something like that. Whatever, I just want sushi...on a train...then in my belly.

Like everything at the new Sydney Westfield Sushi Hon is sleek, modern with lots of dark marble.  It's hard to tell how long the sushi train is as it snakes its way around three separate seating areas.

There are quite a few fancy looking plates of sushi doing the rounds - these cost $8.00 a pop and they are hard to resist as each looks more tempting than the last.  In the end we decide to share one fancy plate between us and opt for the Tuna Tataki.  The tuna is super fresh, meaty yet tender, and sits atop of mound of mashed avocado that is almost guacamole like in flavour and texture.

Although there are a few cheaper plates on offer non of these are circulating when we visit lunch so I order a Tuna Ship ($2.80).  Unless they are REALLY badly made Tuna Ships never fail to put a small on my sushi loving face and the offering at Sushi Hon does just that.

Whilst we had the attention of the waitstaff/sushi girls both Niecy Poo and I order a Soft Shell Crab Hand Roll ($5.80). The good thing about ordering your sushi from the staff is that arrives at your table fresh and pipping hot...just like our delectable hand roll.

Next up is the Red Cap ($5.80) which I suppose garners its name from the reddy/orange cap of flying fish roe that sits atop this inside out roll. Beneath the red cap sits a crunchy deep-fried crab stick surrounded by crab salad and avocado.

We had plans to head to Din Tai Fung for dumplings (also at the Level 5 foodcourt) after our turn at the sushi train but I just had to have one more plate of sushi which basically filled me enough...too full for dumplings (but not too full for a dash to my beloved Mappen later in the afternoon)!  The tuna and avacado roll ($4.60) was simple and fresh tasting. Enough said.

All in all the sushi at Sushi Hon was lovely, fresh with some interesting plates doing the rounds.  I did feel some plates were a little pricey - as is most of the food at Sydney Westfield, but the quality was there to justify the more expensive plates.  Would I go back?  Absolutely.

Sushi Hon can be found on Level 5 of Westfield Sydney (86-100 Market Street), Sydney.

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  1. I want that tuna tataki! Like, right now! In general seems a bit pricey but, judging from the photos, good quality.

  2. OMG, that tuna tataki looks amazing!!

  3. I love getting my sushi fix here, need one soon.

  4. you have to post about sushi when i'm CRAVING it, grrrrr!

    i'm yet to try here, i'll get there eventually

  5. The sushi here looks quite different which is good albeit pricey (but I think that's par for the course at the new Westfield in the food court :) ).

  6. Re. "There are quite a few fancy looking plates of sushi doing the rounds - these cost $8.00 a pop and they are hard to resist as each looks more tempting than the last. In the end we decide to share one fancy plate between us and opt for the Tuna Tataki".

    Crikey !!!
    My Canberra sushi train does $3/$4/$5 a pop. I don't know about sharing a plate. By the time I've finished on the sushi train I've got 12-14 empty plates (burp...sorry).

    One things certain, I'm gonna visit Sushi Hon next time I visit the big smoke.

  7. The tataki looks sensational. And the hand roll looks good value too! Mmmm, soft shell crab...

  8. I've walked past the train a few times and wondered if it would be any good. Thanks :) Now I'll give it a go

  9. hehehtuna tataki looks cute. maybe i'll try it out tonight!

  10. the soft shell crab roll looks like there's a whole lot of tempura batter and panko on it :/ so it looks like ebi fry instead haha
    i love tuna ships as well, always a must order :)

  11. that tuna tataki looks freakin good! and wow sushi hon isnt a very cheap sushi joint >-<

  12. I STILL haven't dined at the new Westfields, clearly I'm missing out!

  13. what do you recommend melbourne food bloggers order when it opens in the city?


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