Thursday, September 22, 2011

Saucepan Cafe Restaurant, Darlington

I've been walking past Saucepan Cafe Restaurant in Darlington each work day since it opened last year thinking it was just a "regular cafe" know, the ones that serve sandwiches, burgers and the like.  Not very interesting really.  Infact downright boring.

Little did I know that this cafe, which is just a hop skip and a jump from my office, also has a large range of interesting Indonesian meals on offer. Lucky for me the ever-intrepid Miss Chicken and Mr Shawn have done the reconnaissance work for me and unearthed the delights on offer here.

Miss Chicken is keen for a return visit so we rendezvous for lunch. I’m excited to find such interesting food in the deep dark depths of Abercrombie Street, on a stretch of street that has ample cafes on offer (not that that is a bag thing mind you).

Miss Chicken orders the Nasi Goreng with Chicken ($10.00),  Nasi Goreng is an Indonesian Fried Rice, quite dark in colour due to the addition kecap manis (sweet soy sauce) and it is delicious.  The dish comes topped with a fried egg, the runny yolk oozing over the rice when pierced with the fork.  I have to admit I have food envy.

I'm overwhelmed by the selection of dishes on offer - everything sounds so amazingly tasty.  I make a hasty decision to order the Gado Gado Ulek ($11.90) as the Waiter is standing in front of my wanting to take my order.   The Gado Gado comes with the largest prawn cracker I've ever seen - yay!  The dish is a medley of fried tofu, boiled potato, hard-boiled egg, choko and Kangkung (aka Morning Glory) topped with peanut sauce.  It's pretty nice and feels like a healthy feed. 

Saucepan Cafe can be found Shop 6/ 245-249 Abercrombie Street, Darlington.

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  1. Gado Gado, how delicious! Looks so crunchy and fresh. No pyjama jeans needed for this outing ( :

  2. Re. "I have to admit I have food envy."

    Damn that sux. I know exactly what you mean, especially when your a big boofy bloke and they've misled you with a description such as...wait for it..."king size fisho's delight" and bring you a single sardine on a single slice of lettuce (that's it !!!), while the waif-like petite girly-wirly sitting at the table next to you gets served a meal double her body weight. Now that's cruel !

  3. Interesting stuff. The fried rice looks like a perfect hungover reheated meal, especially because of the fried egg.


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